My truth. My life.

Fulfill me


I am fighting the urge to give into you.

Your temptations are maddening.

I am being driven by my lust

for your brilliant form.

I crave the feel of your skin

pressed into mine.

I have abandoned all clear

judgment when it comes to your smile.

You do this to me every time.

Seducing me with your appetite.

When you look at me I

remember what it is like to be wanted.

When you touch me you heat my flesh

with your skillful touch.

Face to face

Lips to lips

Body to body

Its time to fulfill my desires.


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24 thoughts on “Fulfill me

  1. I get like that when I see an apple :mrgreen:

  2. Oh, excuse me; I was just leaving… (blush)… 😉

  3. Rightyho then cold flannel to Aussie land again 🙂

  4. thevixenfiction on said:

    Jeez you will not believe how long it took me to see where to comment… and it couldn’t have been more obvious….. Pretty hot Bo…x

  5. “When you look at me I remember what it is like to be wanted.” Wow

  6. Ahhhh! I love this!

  7. After you finish showering you can go back and fix these two typo’s. Boy that is hooooot!!
    I crave the feel of you skin
    remember what it is ike to be wanted.

  8. How you and your husband get any writing done, I’ll never know.

  9. Hot! Very good!

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  11. That one person who just makes you feel like this… This is stunning. 😀

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