My truth. My life.

My first love


There was an emptiness in my soul that I thought could never be filled.

I searched and experimented in every avenue to find something or someone to make me whole.

  Nothing satisfied this need to be complete.

  On the day you were born my whole outlook on life changed.

You gave me life.


This is done for Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes


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39 thoughts on “My first love

  1. A real unconditional love song.

  2. No truer words may be said!

  3. This is beautifully spoken from the heart.

  4. That’s exactly the way it is isn’t it? Beautiful.

  5. Spoken like a loving devoted mummy – well done BO and she’s gorgeous! xx

  6. The second last line is putting me off. It should either be ‘I had you’ or ‘you were born’, not a blur of both.

    Other than that, I quite enjoy it. I love the second last line especially; so full of meaning and characterisation.

  7. A mother’s love is truly unconditional…. a lovely post 🙂

  8. True words but sad. Your poem is a reality which almost every childless couple has experienced, a desire to have someone they can give their love to, and to receive the same in return.

  9. Beautifully said !!!

  10. A beautiful take on the prompt.

  11. Such a privilege to be a parent! They sure fill the void!

  12. What a lovely ode to your beautiful daughter.

  13. Wonderful and very true… I remember the day my daughter was born, and it did indeed change my life entirely. I grew up along with her and my life would be so much less if she had not been a part of it. Beautiful tribute, one any daughter would treasure.

  14. What a wonderful piece of writing; finding the missing part of yourself in the love of a child. beautiful. x

  15. I almost hear this as a lullaby. So very sweet. A heartsong from every mother. 🙂

  16. This is beautiful!!

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