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Hide behind fear



Everyone knew that I have always had a gift for communicating with the deceased.  It’s not something that I talked a lot about, they just knew.  This town was full of non believers, and I was okay with that.  It always amazed me that even though they didn’t believe, they would knock on my door when they wanted to rid their houses of things that go bump in the night.

Ansley, our resident neighborhood know it all, was the town’s expert on everything.  I have walked in on many conversations where she was trying to explain to people how I was a scam artist.  Although, she could never tell anyone what exactly I was trying to scam from them.

When Ansley lost her husband the last summer her gossiping got worse.  She had a personal vendetta against me.  It was getting harder and harder to leave my house.  Everywhere I went she would follow. I think she blamed me.  I’m pretty sure that she was trying to convince everyone that I was casting spells on everyone that crossed my path.  As if I could do that.

I was having trouble sleeping the night that Ansley showed up at my door.  It was about 2 am when I heard a loud banging on my porch.  At first I thought I was being robbed.  Whoever it was is trying to get in, and get in fast.  By the time I found my phone to call the police and grabbed the white statuette off of my dresser to protect myself she had found her way into my house and was now standing in my bedroom door.  Soaking wet from the rain, with tear-stained eyes.

“Ansley! My goodness, what happened to you?  Are you hurt?”

“Can you see him? Paul? Can you see Paul?”

“What are you talking about?  You don’t believe in this stuff remember.”

“You’re the reason I don’t believe.  If you could really talk to them, Paul would have come to you so that you could have told me he was okay!  You would have told me he was safe!”

“Sweetie, You know that Paul is okay.  You feel him.  Every time you think about him he is with you.  His touch warms you.  You know.”

“Is he here now?”

Walking over to her I wrapped my arms around her and held her while she cried.

“Ansley.” I said as I placed my hand on her heart.  He will always be here.  In your heart.


This is for : Speakeasy

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33 thoughts on “Hide behind fear

  1. This needs to be longer, perhaps a book! I want to know more.

  2. He will always be here. In your heart.
    Truer words were never written. Exactly.

  3. Not the ending I was xpecting.
    Very well done.

    (From her personality, I wonder if there was a reason Paul didn’t come back…)

  4. I love the ending! I wasn’t expecting it, either.

  5. This is lovely and so intriguing! I would love to know more about these characters. Nice, subtle use of the picture prompt too – great job!

  6. Ah, the other side of the gossip! I love when a character becomes a whole person (including in real life) — very nice.

  7. Perfect ending. Paul is right where he’s suppose to be.

  8. You are so fabulous… I really love reading your work, and I don’t just say that, I really enjoy your work D. Don’t ever stop writing, you are a writer!!

  9. iasoupmama on said:

    Super use of the prompts — good job with creating the Ansley character.

  10. petronmb on said:

    Drama in such a short space is remarkable. Very real. Have you read the Bronte sisters? I’m reminded.

  11. I’d love to see you flesh out these characters further!

  12. This is a great scenario for something longer. Well done.

  13. I have to echo those before me . . . I definitely want to read more about these characters! I love easily I can visualize your ending. I could Ansley’s desperation, her yearning for contact.

  14. Nothing like the death of a loved one to make you realize that there might be an afterlife.

  15. nataliedeyoung on said:

    Oh, how I wish there was more! Wonderfully creative take on the prompt!

  16. Truly intriguing and I want more as well. Very creative use of the prompts.

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