My truth. My life.

Shattered Globe


When the water globe shatters

into 1000 tiny slivers of glass.


Dreams are never accomplished

hopes are forgotten

beliefs are tested

and love is abolished.


What will it take for me to be able to

adhere my pieces back together?

I need to escape this lifetime of pain.


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13 thoughts on “Shattered Globe

  1. Sounds like a bouncingride through life.

  2. Just wondering: is there any reason you used adhere instead of stick?

  3. A life in upheaval, interesting.

  4. Interesting. Sad though that its such an impossible task. And no, stick with adhere 🙂

  5. Bo – I’m a little towards myothervoices with this one 😦 Sorry. It flowed really well then ‘adhere’ kind of caught me off guard, understood the meaning and the feeling you were getting across 🙂 x

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