My truth. My life.

Flesh on Fire



My flesh is on fire for your touch.

I am craving the sweet scent of your skin

and the salty taste of your sweat.

Your seductive eyes melt me on the inside

and drench me on the outside.


I lust for the feel of your hands on my breasts.

Replaced by your lips nibbling gently.

The feel of my legs wrapping around you fills

me with a heightening pleasure.


I love the way our bodies pulse together.

You excite me with every thrust,

and cause me to explode with every movement.


You fulfill me in so many ways.

Physically, mentally and with complete perfection.



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27 thoughts on “Flesh on Fire

  1. Ok what rating is this? 😉 Woah Bo…nothing held back on this one…as for the pic to match the words…oh my – wet face cloth to Australia please!

  2. Ehem! I think I have to lie down for a minute 🙂

  3. Think I need a cold shower LOL

  4. your husband is lucky….wait that’s me.

    gorgeous and sexy word flow, yo

  5. Whoa, BABY!!! Hot stuff here!!! Agree with your hubby. Great word flow. Wouldn’t have minded another stanza squeezed in 😉

    Also, you always have the best pictures accompanying your stuff!!!

  6. Alastair beat me to it. Smokin’. Cold shower. I believe “PLEASE” is the correct shout, right?

  7. akateraka on said:

    Where’s the last line? 🙂

  8. I’m going to have to take an ad out for a gigolo if you keep writing like this..

  9. Don’t listen to these people. They don’t realize that the rest of the poem happens off-camera as it fades to black, and is none of their business, lol.

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