My truth. My life.

What I Want


I want someone who will love me.


I want someone who will put my needs before

their needs.


I want someone who will be there to kiss me

good night and kiss me good morning.


 I want someone who does these things

without complaining.


I want someone who enjoys making me happy.


I want you.


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14 thoughts on “What I Want

  1. Ahh don’t we all? Do you believe there are men who would naturally do that – forever?

  2. As Cheap Trick would say “I want you to want me”

  3. If we are very lucky, what we want and what we have is the same thing.

  4. Oh, your husband should be thrilled to be so highly praised. 🙂

  5. See, this is what I aspire to… I’m not perfect… I have a long, long way to go… but I try… and these words serve to remind me how I can be a better person…

  6. How we all want in life and strive then to maintain it once we have it, I think just looking at the relationship between you and hubby – you already have everything you have asked for here 🙂

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