My truth. My life.

Stolen Key


You took the key to my heart

with you when you left.


I will never love another

the way that I still love you.


This was done for Picture it & Write



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35 thoughts on “Stolen Key

  1. How sad… I hope someone can pick the lock 🙂

  2. nice
    last line….the or they? just askin.

  3. Very sad Deana 😦

  4. It’s sad when love betrays !!!

  5. Laurie Kolp on said:

    This is felt.

  6. Makes you think, maybe we should be more careful giving away our heart the first time.

  7. So sad. Hope she gets over it and is able to move on with her life.

  8. beautiful and heartbreaking

  9. deep poem..good going

  10. This is a real good one.

  11. Aw.. one can only hope that the person is worth keeping the heart locked for. 🙂

  12. If only we were wise enough at the time to see how much can hurt, but usually we are blindsided …thankfully there are many keys 🙂

  13. Very bittersweet. Hopefully another key can be created. Sometimes people wedge themselves into your heart when you least suspect it. Love will come again! A great piece. Thanks for sharing with us on Picture it & write, deanabo! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  14. Broke my heart, in just 24 little words.

  15. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Well done. 🙂

  16. short but hit home. very honest and masterful use of words.

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