My truth. My life.

Mirror Mind

I’m looking at a person in the mirror
He mirrors my thoughts but not my actions
We stare each other quietly in the eye
Then I hide the mirror again in my closet
And walk away
I can no longer look at my reflection.
For it shows my weakness and my fear.
It’s as if the picture that paints my surface
has been discolored by my truth.
There will be no sun without a morning
There will be no lake without a mirror
If I claim to be dead, then I’m still alive
The frozen spark trapped inside is a spirit outside
Looking in
Grasping for what seems like eternity
to the small amount of existence I have left.
Aching for the courage and strength to
break through the barrier of acceptance.
Continuously wishing for hope to surround me.
And so shall it be, I touch myself
My lows, my highs, my spark,
The mirror cracks, the image is gone
Because I have come.
This is a duet done with the talented Aka Teraka
I am honored that I we were able to do this duet.
My part is in the blue.

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20 thoughts on “Mirror Mind

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  2. akateraka on said:

    Thank YOU for writing with me! πŸ™‚

  3. See there! Collaborations are the bomb!

  4. This was very cool. Nice job from both of you.

  5. I thought I hear different voices as I read. Very nicely done both of you.

  6. A perfect blend of talent…i like it a lot! You both shine!!!!

  7. I knew you were blue before I read it, it is your style, a lovely collaboration – well done both of you!

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