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Tomato Garden


It’s a nice feeling to be able to sleep through the night.  It’s been too long.  The investigation was closed today on the hunt for Eddie.  The police determined that he was an abusive deadbeat that tried to burn our home down and took off.  I was okay with that.  Julie would be 8 years old in a few weeks, and she was better off.  He hadn’t hit her yet, but I knew it would happen soon if I didn’t do something.  We were happy here, in what was left of our little house, with our freshly dug tomato garden.


This was done for Friday Fictioneers



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78 thoughts on “Tomato Garden

  1. Oh, creepy! It reminds me of the Dixie Chicks song “Earl.”

  2. Tomatoes huh? Well if it keeps a child from being abused. Let the tomatoes grow.

  3. Sounds like Daddy’s pushing up tomatoes instead of daisies. Poetic justice.

  4. Didn’t know about that flash fiction prompt. Nice piece.

  5. Very well done!

  6. Natural fertilizer! That’s organic and the way to go. 🙂 Good job.


  7. have you read (or seen) Fried Green Tomatoes? 🙂 Can I help it if I snorted at the last line? Love it, deana!!!!

  8. Great ending! I just hope those tomatoes don’t pick up a nasty flavor from their fertilizer! 🙂

  9. I love how they find beauty in ugliness. Great story!

  10. Great story and i especially love the ending…

  11. great story with a great ending. well done 🙂

  12. Story of survival. I hope the two stay happy and secure from now on.
    Good work!

  13. I’m confused here: “He hadn’t hit her yet, but she knew it would happen soon if she didn’t do something.” Is the “she” supposed to be the narrator who’s earlier referred to as “I” or the daughter? Did the daughter or the mother kill Eddie? Sorry, am I being really dense?

    Anyway, great story, and I love the ending.

  14. All’s well that ends well !!!

  15. Just don’t eat those blood red tomatoes!

  16. Ha! A tomato garden with some killer fertilizer! 🙂 Nice one.

  17. Hi Deana,
    We had eeriely similar scenarios for our stories, including the endings. I guess great minds think alike! I liked the family drama story in your piece. Ron

  18. Eddie might be rendering the most useful service of his life here. Nicely done.

  19. I had a friend that grew the biggest watermelons where a chicken house once was.; I’m j/s. 😉

  20. If only there were some way eddie could still contribute to Julie’s growth.

  21. Nice one! I guess this is the week that the
    Fictioneers kill all the bad guys!

  22. What a clever tale, in so few words!

  23. Oh Deanabo, this one was a good write. I like the fertilizer. Will they be frying up green tomatoes in the spring?

  24. Good story. I can only imagine the hell she went through.

  25. is he under the tomatoes???? Is that why she’s happy?

  26. Ew…but yeah! It’s funny, I was thinking of the Dixie Chicks and Earl, too (like a previous commenter.) At least she doesn’t have to worry about what he’ll do.

  27. So glad the abuser is out of the way and I hope they enjoy the tomatoes.
    Well done

  28. tomatoes are so much better after being fertilized.

  29. moondustwriter on said:

    Tomatoes will taste a little off
    Love the hidden implication

  30. Thanks! Think I’m going to be eating any tomatoes now?

  31. Very well done!

  32. Wonderful ending. So powerful. And so deserving.

  33. Actually better than fried green tomatoes :-). Probably gonna be a good crop.

  34. So much left unsaid, yet it is discernible. Well done!

  35. I liked your story.

  36. Run off the dead beat. It is scary what happens behind closed doors we never know. I am glad the little girl is safe now.

  37. Tomatoes take a lot of feeding. I hope they don’t do too well and people come asking for her secret. Great story.

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