My truth. My life.

Muddle through


I muddle through the day wondering if surviving is

even an option for me.

Knowing what you shared with her kills me

a little more every minute.

She heard your voice whisper the three most

brilliant words I have ever known.

You gave her my comfort, my joy and

my affection.

She willingly took those things from me

and you enabled her.

My heart ached for you while your lust

was comforting her.

I no longer wish suffering you

or your inamorata.

I do want one thing from you so that

my heart can be set free.

No more dishonesty.


This was done for  Velvet Verbosity

The word is Surviving



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24 thoughts on “Muddle through

  1. Honesty will free you both. Another superb piece.

  2. Très beau poème.

  3. You write so beautiful and full of emotion. Very lovely.

  4. the muddle is the grind that gets us by….very relatable, and well written

  5. I agree with your love, well written, the muddling though heart breaking makes us grow.

  6. “Wondering if surviving is an option” – that’s what we do best, well that and breaking things ^^

  7. So heartbreaking….

  8. The pain here is raw and heartbreaking. Well done.

  9. oh, deana . . . email on its way to you. this? beautiful in its pain.

  10. I was really moved by this Deana..

  11. You are so passionate with your words! I’m really enjoying your blog!!

  12. Ouch! Betrayal is such a nasty thing. Well done, with feeling.

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