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My tab’s on them


The bottle was nearly empty when we decided to call it a night.  The bar was closing and we had both had just a little too much to drink.  Neither of us were sober enough to drive so we had the bartender call us a cab while we finished off the bottle.  The band was packing up their gear when I noticed that their acoustic guitar had the same symbol engraving as the one I had purchased for my husband Mike about 4 months ago during one of his “I want to try something new” phases.  I knew that he had no interest in playing the guitar.  He had wanted it to give as a gift to Becca, the woman he had been seeing for a little over a year.  As I suspected two weeks after I gave it to him it was stolen out of his car.  I knew that as often as we went out to see his favorite cover bands play, it would eventually show up.  And I was right once again.

“Hey, Tom.  Did the cab say how long?” I yelled over to the bartender.  “45 minutes.” He yelled back to me.  I decided at that moment that it was time for me to introduce myself to the band.  After all, this was the 4th or 5th time we had come to see them play.  Mike, however, thought it would be best if we waited outside for the cab.  I convinced him to let me go to the restroom before we left.  When I returned, I found him up at the stage talking to Becca.  I was surprised at my lack of anger at the situation.  As I started to approach them, Mike smiled at me and started heading my way leading me to the door.  I glanced back at her and saw the look of pain in her eyes.  It was as obvious as the look of guilt that Mike was wearing.

I removed my arm from Mikes tight grip, and made my way back to Becca.  It was simple.  I was the one being cheated on. I had the right talk to her.  Her expression went from pain, to shock to scared in about 10 seconds.  “Hi, Becca.  I’m Jean.” I said. “But you already know that.”  She looked from me to Mike several times before addressing me back.  When she began to speak I interrupted her. “I want to thank you.  You have given me away out.  You see, with all of his credit card bills, doctor bills, school loans and silly little hobbies, I figure he cost me about 20 grand a year.  Not to mention the cost of the little blue pills he has to take every time he comes to see you.”  She gasped, and I continued. “Please, take him.  I’ll have the papers drawn up tomorrow, and he will be all yours.”

I turned with a confidence that I hadn’t had in a very long while, and walked out.  I yelled behind me to the bartender. “Hey, Tom.  Put my tab on the band!”  “Will do, Jean, Will do.”  he laughed.


This was done for Speakeasy


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54 thoughts on “My tab’s on them

  1. Ohhh I love it… well except that her name was Becca. Beccas have to be cool, not losers.

  2. I’m really impressed with your prose and the scene is well crafted. You must be married to a writer.

    seriously, this is great, Bo.

  3. akateraka on said:


  4. Well written story. The last laugh is on Jean and she is free. 😆

  5. a good one..feel sorry for Jean and even Becca..

  6. Love this story!! It’s great all the way through!! You are such a great writter D.. I love that I get to read your work everyday, and comment, and share mine with you too!! I seriously look forward to writting everyday and talking with you and the others on Tryst!! You all are helping me get through the tough times I have in grieving the loss of Dave. Thanks so much!! And great piece you wrote here pretty girl!! Xo Jen

    • Thank you my friend! I love your work as well. Your daily and nightly tryst help me through the day. They keep my spirits up! I am thankful that we have each other to lean on!

  7. Greatness! Loved how she stay cool, calm, and collected. Then she got exactly what she wanted.

  8. What do they say “Paybacks a Biatch”? 😉 Well done D.

  9. Very well done. I love her directness and resolve.

  10. Wonderfully written. The little blue pills. That made me laugh. This is very good. I think you are an excellent writer.

  11. I love this! I’m so glad Jean stuck up for herself instead of letting the charade continue.

  12. Yay! way to go, as they say. I loved the sense of ‘enough’ in this. Nicely done.

  13. Giving you a big ol’ fist bump on this one! 🙂

  14. Ha! Love stories with a satisfying ending like that! Makes me want to give her a high five! 🙂

  15. You never get rid of guys that easily. But good on her for exposing his Viagra prescription. Ha.

  16. Great story Deana! Love how Jean takes control of the situation – so empowering! Now I feel like telling someone off… 😉

  17. That was written so well! Hurrah for the long-suffering wife’s spunk and cool solution. Becca will never know what hit her. 🙂

  18. Totally loved the ending! I hope she never sees that jerk again.

  19. I love how you turned it around at the end. I was expecting Jean to lash out, but I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction! Well done!

  20. iasoupmama on said:

    Oh, if only we could all be so cool under pressure… Glad she got the upper hand in this situation.

  21. Excellently written, Deana

  22. That was deliciously wicked, what a great exit line.

  23. Good story. I would love to read what led up to all of this!

  24. nice, quick story. It read well and had a ending with a bit of bite.

  25. Fantastic – loved the strength she displays in this.

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