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I do, enjoy you..


10 things that bring me joy

1) Deodorant:  I was thinking about this earlier today.  I am thankful that I do not have to surround myself with people who do not smell good.

2) Earphones:  When my husband is listening to his awful music or my kids are watching the same episode of H2O over and over again.  I can put them in my ears and enjoy the moment.

3) My kids:  I love that they are old enough to fold laundry and clean up their rooms.  Now, if only I could make them stop arguing about it.

4) My dog: He refuses to let me take him out in the morning.  Therefore while my husband is getting up at 6am on my day off to take him out, I get to stay under my warm blanket.

5) Water: Nice hot shower.  You get it, I don’t have to go on.

6) My husband:  Because he is sexy, and a good kisser.

7) Doors: Because when people walk up to your house and you are walking around naked, they can’t see you.  You do it.  Dont judge.

8) Windows: Because when people walk up to your house to sell you something or beg you to change religions you can see them.  Unless your 8-year-old gets to the door first and opens it while you are yelling, “DONT OPEN THAT DOOR, WE ARE PRETENDING WE ARE NOT HOME.”  The people see you, give you an evil look and then proceed in their stuff.

9) Trash cans:  Wouldn’t it be bad if we didn’t have a place to keep our trash?

10) Money:  Yeah, this is just a wish…..


This was done for : Monday Listicles


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31 thoughts on “I do, enjoy you..

  1. The 7th point is embarrassingly true 😉

  2. Yes ma’am, thats a good list. Have recently rediscovered headphones. It’s an entirely different world under there . Saw a review of a good pair under $30. Thinkin’ on it. Love it. Enjoy the day off.

  3. Lets all hear it for deodorant! It covers up so many problems!

  4. My front door has no window, and I have no little kids rushing to opening it to strangers. I don’t answer my landline or open the door if I don’t know who’s there. End. Period.

  5. Having a sexy husband must be great! 😛

  6. Made me smile – reasons to be cheerful. It’s a random, but sensible, list. 🙂

  7. Oh dear, time for some to book trips to France or Croatia and get to the coast to throw it all off – I think that is a key difference between parts of European culture and American culture (I’m not pointing fingers..I know there are exceptions!) I know in Hungary nudist canoe trips regularly take place, there is nudist bathing in the city centre parks in Berlin and a whole nudist town in France- but Croatia has a whole coastline made that way,just about. Now I’ll stop..I look odd…but culturally it is interesting..

  8. figure out a way to turn the nekkid into money and you can only have 9 things

  9. Deodorant…never even occurred to me…that it would bring me joy. For the record, I do use it! Thanks for making that point, because I whole-heartedly agree. Oh, and both the windows and doors: both true! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. this is so funny I can’t stop laughing

  11. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms on said:

    I open doors for no one. I’m not even sure why I need a front door. 🙂 Ellen

  12. LOL This is great – I love how you choose things that most other people wouldn’t even think of 🙂

  13. Good list ya got here! I would have to agree with you.. except I don’t have kids yet, I wish so badly that I did… ~Jen

  14. 4, 6 and 8 not necessarily in that order 😉

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