My truth. My life.

The evil inside

Wind of History Jacek Yerka

The drive to the old cottage

is as broken and scattered

as my soul.

Soiled and petrified.

The house I grew up in

still houses an evil that

surpasses all other evils.

Windows shattered.

Blood soaked beds.

Remains both human and animal.

It will take a brave soul to enter

the mouth of hell.

No one survives.

Except me.

He wants me alive,

so that he can slay me

in the night through

my dreams.


This was done for: The Mag

magpie tales statue stamp 185

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43 thoughts on “The evil inside

  1. Beaucoup de tristesse et de chagrin dans ces mots, et il y a de quoi quand on voit la maison où on a grandi devenue déserte et démolie, c’est notre enfance qui est démolie.

    • Tellement vrai. Son douloureux de voir des enfants ne pas la possibilité de profiter de leur jeunesse.

      • Oui, c’est douloureux de voir des petits enfants qui ne vont pas ou ne vont plus à l’école et qu’ils travaillent durement pour gagner un peu d’argent.. Où sont les droits de l’enfance? Des lois et décrets écrits et votés mais pas pour tous les enfants.

  2. Laurie Kolp on said:

    I really enjoyed this… especially the first three lines.

  3. The horror…the horror! Yes..there is the horror of some childhood moments in the picture…

  4. The last line….

  5. Was magnificent! 😉

  6. This image seems to be conjuring up many haunted dreams, I know it did with me. This is very visceral, blood-soaked beds andthe mouth of hell. Sounds more like a childhood nightmare!

  7. Ohh God … this is chilly !!!

  8. creepy, elegant, weird, gorgeous, scary, well-written, and compelling thoughout Love the last line.

    Het, have you made changes to your blog?

  9. It was chilly and scary … the way you described the whole house was perfect..loved it!! 🙂

  10. Helen Dehner on said:

    These are the nightmares that cause immediate cravings for soft embraces, reassuring words …. there, there .. it was only a dream.

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  12. Yikes! You definitely creeped me out!!


  13. Scary and unsettling.

  14. Oh, my. KILLER opener, and a dark, gorgeous spill of words. Beautiful.

  15. This is scary, this is creepy.. Good stuff D.. but wicked scary! eek.. 🙂

  16. Creepy and eerie and enjoyed.

  17. Tess Kincaid on said:

    Oh shivers!

  18. Quite a dark place you took us in your poem. Can only imagine nightmares suffered at the hand of such abuse. And can life ever be “normal” for them? Interesting and thought-provoking piece.

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