My truth. My life.

I am yours


I can feel you teasing me with your eyes.

Wishing to touch me and have me give into your needs.

Shall I give in and let you explore me?

You know that you own me.

My body is yours.


Come to me and let me

kiss, nibble and drink in every inch of you.

From your lips to your groin,

I want to drown in you.

I want to feel your bare skin

as I wrap my naked thighs around your

perfectly sculpted waist.


Lay me down in your bed

and let me watch you as your tongue

soaks in my pleasure.

You can enjoy my flavor as I watch your hardness

glisten with your passion for me.


 Satisfy your craving with my flesh

and kiss me with a fiery fierceness that

causes you to erupt with a blinding eagerness.


Nestle your face into my breast

as you attempt to gain control of the situation.

Caress them in your hands and massage them with

your mouth.

Stroke me as I am pulsing and throbbing into you.


Ignite the flowing passion that

you have began to arise in me.

Feel me as I scream your name.

Drive yourself against me until

I am breathless and wet.


You have completed me.


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25 thoughts on “I am yours

  1. I’m too innocent and naive for this!…Though….writing like this is…like a really good nurse, or personal trainer..of words..and thoughts..puts you back on your feet again! Of course I’m too embarrassed to say anything else, but its nice to feel like a man, and there were some moments in the poem where the words really said things in the right way..

  2. Un poème écrit dans un très bon érotisme.

  3. I agree with yerpirate D, I looked it at from both genders and you were flattering in your words from the male perspective. Nothing like a bit of erotica first thing on a Sunday morning! 🙂

  4. This is good love!! I think I’ll go get me some of that… “Jake!!!!!!!”
    Loved it Deana!! ~J

  5. It is steamy in here. This some hot writing.

  6. akateraka on said:

    🙂 River.

  7. Ahaa … loved it !!!

  8. Powerfully sexy piece of writing 🙂

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  10. Wow! That’s…er…intense…
    What a fantastically passionate and inspiring work of love and of pleasure. The honesty in describing so brilliantly an experience of deep intimacy shows a strong connection and I for one applaud you.
    I’d be blushing now if I weren’t so turned on! 😉 lol

  11. Wohooo! The words, well you know I adore them, and you put your words together in a very steaming hot cup of cocoa way! Loved it. And the pic helped too, I like cleavage and stubble… something for both sides of my brain. Ha!

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