My truth. My life.

Whimsical Tryst


In the softest silence we speak
Intense music with our eyes
I fall into the deepest sea
I’m desperate to taste you once again
Your kiss is addictive and desirous
The heated passion you pour out
Completely melts every inch of me.
I desire your erotic touch.
Time is only a matter of existence
When I’m entangled in your arms
Each moment we paint a picture
Of Love’s beautiful sweet brilliance
Your intense hold on me is
both physical and mental
I welcome your sensuous touch as it
Overwhelms me with pure delight.
Darkness falls all around
Our bodies dance into the night
Until the sunrise kisses our sky
Our love narrates this whimsical tryst

This is a duet.  Thanks so much to my friend Jen at Think. Speak. Tryst.

If you havent read her work yet, please do.

There is so much talent in her words.

I am honored that she allowed me to work on this with her.


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26 thoughts on “Whimsical Tryst

  1. Perfect for the day, ladies!

    Great last line, baby. Happy Day of the Valentinez

  2. I agree with Lance, that last line was the clincher. I wish it wasn’t late and I had Barry White in the background when I read this 😉

  3. Happy St-Valentine dear freind.

  4. akateraka on said:

    What colour are you?

  5. This is perfect D!! You are a joy to write with! XO ~J

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  7. It was lovely:) Hope you had a lovely V-day

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