My truth. My life.

My true love


My Dearest Love,

Your brilliance overwhelms me.  The mere thought of you sends me into a whirlwind of emotions.  You hold every one of my dreams and encompass me as I sleep.  I’ve spoken of you before, even written about you. You have not returned the compliment.  Is our love a love of convenience to you?  Do you not envision a life spent in unison with me?  Speak to me.  Lay your feelings out for the world to see.

I know I am being foolish.  You will never be able to express to me how you truly feel.  You are but a thing.  A wildly beautiful, skin warming pleasure of a thing.

My dearest blanket, come.  Come and let me wrap myself  in you.




This was done for Mama’s Losin it.  I went funny with this.  My absolute true loves are my wonderful husband Lance, and our 3 girls.

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Writing Prompts:

1.) A week of blog posts from 16 year old you. (submitted by LouLou’s Views) 2.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection. 3.) A Valentine’s Day you remember. 4.) List 7 celebrities you’d like to give Valentines to. 5.) Tell us about your idea of the perfect snowy afternoon.


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12 thoughts on “My true love

  1. Il y a des gens qui aiment mais ne s’expriment pas , n’avouent pas leurs émotions et ceci est pour plusieurs raisons: soit qu’ils sont timides, soit qu’ils ont peur d’avoir une réponse négative qui les contrarie voir les blesse, soit par orgueil. Le plus simple serait de dire à celui qu’on aime” je t’aime”. Et qui n’aime pas être aimé? Allez, je vous aimes tous.


  3. a lovely dedicationn to your blanket..very sweet:)

  4. I love this! It perfectly describes my relationship with my flowered blanket, Linus. You get it right every time, my friend. Every time!
    Love it!
    I think I want to try this challenge one day. How do I do it?

  5. This was great. I know I have a special blankie that I love.

  6. My daughters called their blankets when they were little their Cuddlies…this so fits. 🙂

  7. There is almost no greater love then a girl and her blanket 🙂

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