My truth. My life.

Eyes of Love

I kept gazing at your eyes
There is an ocean inside
The closer I looked in them
I could feel my own self in it.
I found myself falling deeper Into your gaze
As I struggled to catch my breath
From your suffocating beauty.
You are all that I had ever desired
And yet you looked dangerous beneath
Were you what I thought you are
Or is it all a figment of my imagination?
If I were to falter, would you catch me?
I have been broken many times,
and I am asking you to glue me back together
It is only your touch
that can heal my broken heart
Because I gave my all to you
Hoping you would not be like the rest
If you are real,
my wishes have been answered.
I will become everything you need
me to be.
Your dreams will become your reality.
Another duet done with Shruti at A shade of Pen
She has an amazing gift.
I am thankful that she asked me to do this with her.

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20 thoughts on “Eyes of Love

  1. passionwriting on said:

    it was a pleasure to do a duet 🙂

  2. Eyes so blue
    Blue as the ocean
    Deep as the ocean
    So deep I can be lost in them
    Lose my soul, my identity

  3. Dreams becoming reality .. loved it !!!

  4. Merci chère amie pour ce beau poème où les sentiments voyagent et nous embarquent vers un monde magique plein d’amour.

  5. So many emotions and insecurities expressed here. Very nice.

  6. Beautiful pain, lovely emotion! I think you two did a fantastic duet! Shruti and Deana, I love you both, and this was awsome to read! Lovely ladies!! ~J

  7. Sometimes working in pairs creates a blending of the minds that is exceptional. This is one of them.

  8. Drowning in the deep dsrk pool of her eyes. Beautifu,l Deana 🙂

  9. Beautiful and full of emotion. I loved it.

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