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He said… She said… Post 6



Before we get this show started I just wanted to say thanks.  I am so glad you guys come back every Wednesday to read how right I am!  Haha!  Seriously, Thanks!


So here’s how this works…

You ask us questions.  Any questions.  I can be about love, relationships, sex , kids, life, death, and anything else.  Then, I will give you my answer (which will be correct) and Lance will give you his answer.  We are going to do 2 questions a week.  Email me your questions at or facebook me or direct message me on twitter.  We will give our original answers in the blog, then we need your participation.  I want to continue the discussion in the comment section.  Lance and I will respond to the comments as well as each other.


Question 1 comes from a returning questioneer ( I know this isn’t a word, but it should be).

Wyman.  You can find him here:  Twitter, Facebook, Blog.  If you didn’t check him out last week, you should do it now! Go now.  Wait, read this first.

Question 1) Are y’all strict with house rules. Like high schoolers smoking.  Being allowed outside? etc….

Lance: This is difficult to answer. On one hand, my wife and I are old-fashioned in
that we want our 3 daughters to keep their innocent as long as possible and be
well-mannered . On another hand, compared to our parents, we’re very liberal. We
talk about everything – drugs, sex, internet, everything else with our teenage
daughter. But we also don’t allow vices like smoking, drinking, friend who in a
boy not allowed upstairs, etc. Our daughter doesn’t have a set curfew or bedtime
but she puts herself to bed around 10 or earlier every night so she can wake at
5:30am to you know, work on her hair. If it was up to me it would be a
militaristic around here with plenty of skull crackin’. But since I get ignored,
we just make sure our kids follow a few rules, show class, kindness, respect,
and intelligence, and wait for the screw-ups.

Deana:  I believe that the restrictions you put on a child should be determined by that individual child.  Tay doesn’t really have a curfew.  She knows to call and tell us where she is at all times.  If she’s at a movie, it might start late, so she calls when it’s over.  Then heads home.  Shes a good kid.  She knows when she needs to sleep and wake up.  She doesn’t drink or smoke or sneak off to do stupid things.

Now, that being said.  It will probably be different for my younger kids.  I’m scared.  They are already a little crazy! lol


Question 2 comes from someone new to HS/SS.  Welcome Damon!  You can find him here… Facebooktwitterblog

Question 2)What are your shaving preferences for yourself and the opposite sex?

Lance: Despite having a beard 90 percent of the time – the face kind, not the Tom
Cruise kind – I keep myself fairly well-groomed everywhere else. Bobina does the
same, minus a beard. I’m lucky. She’s blonde, fair-skinned, and Irish. She’s not
going to be extremely hairy anyway. Usually I’m told when I’ve gotten too
ridiculous with the hair and then I’m pointed to the bathroom. We both take care
of our businesses.

Deana:  I hate shaving.  Besides washing dishes, it’s my least favorite thing.  Do I do it?  Only when I have to.  Lance is good.  He doesn’t yell at me to bad.  Lance is pretty good about personal hygiene.  I recommend looking for that quality when choosing a mate.  I really like Lance with a beard.  It’s turning grey now and I love the salt and pepper distinguished look on a man.

To sum it up.  I believe that a woman should only be required to shave when it becomes uncomfortable for her.



Remember:  Send in those questions.

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10 thoughts on “He said… She said… Post 6

  1. Our rule was, like you, no boys upstairs (for daughter), and in the basement for movies or whatever she had a choice…lights on/doors open or doors open/lights off knowing I’d be checking. She was easy. Never had to worry about behavior or curfews and such. Then along came knucklehead. You do your best then “wait for the screw ups” because they will happen to the best of them.

    Re: the grooming…we should all be able to be as WE want (with a wee little bit of guidance if it’s said lovingly which I have no doubt Bo does).

    • if a wee bit of guidence is “um.. Bo, really?” then yeah! haha I know that they will screw up, and I am prepared. After all, even though they are perfect, they are human. Did I mention she has been talking to the marines. I found out from something that came in the mail. My heart is scared…

  2. I agree that the rules and restrictions need to be made for each individual kid. It makes sense. Of course, I only have one kid, so that makes my life easy. Maybe. I hope.

    It will be easy right? She is only 10, and I’m already a little scared.

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