My truth. My life.

Kiss me

lorusso, joseph

Kiss me.

Lay your yearning into me

with one perfect moment.

Help the world disapper

as your lips absorb mine.

Never let go of the grasp

you have on my heart.


This was written for : The Mag

magpie tales statue stamp 185


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30 thoughts on “Kiss me

  1. Perfectly captured D. 🙂

  2. very sexy

  3. Le baiser est une étape importante, il marque le début d’une relation, la rencontre sensuelle entre deux corps. Témoignage de tendresse par excellence, c’est aussi l’ingrédient indispensable des préliminaires amoureux.
    Embrasser, c’est tout un art. Cependant, il n’existe pas de règles en matière de baiser, ni de baiser standard : l’essentiel est d’y mettre son cœur. Un baiser réussi, c’est un instant où deux bouches entrent en communion, ce quelle que soit la technique employée.

  4. Help the world disappear – love this line!

  5. Very nice! The intimacy of the moment is perfectly pictured.

  6. Tender and kind of idyllic..

  7. Ah that kiss that makes the world disappear…it helps when their eyes are closed of course. Lovely poem.

  8. Helen Dehner on said:

    Kisses like these do indeed make the world go away …..

  9. Beautifully written 🙂

  10. I do believe she’s caught him for keeps!

  11. Never let go of the grasp you have on my heart.

    I like the point of view there.


  12. So beautiful and enchanting.

  13. Perfect in its yearning … ‘make the world go away’ … ahhhh ….

  14. I’m so behind on my reading!! I just got to this.. and I love it darling! ~Jen

  15. hypercryptical on said:

    Love it when the world disappears in a kiss (I remember it well…).

    Anna :o]

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