My truth. My life.

You’re my disaster

You say goodbye so easily.

One fight, one argument.

The words “I’m done” rolls

off your tongue with ease.

You seem to take pleasure

in my pain.

I am not here for you to use,

then throw away.


Yet, I plead with you to stay.

I wrongfully apologize just to

ease your temper.

I encourage you to seek

refuge in my agony.

I allow you to play with my


and continue to dispose of

my dignity.


What can I do to make you

understand that I’m


What can I do to escape you

my beautiful disaster?


This was done for 100 word song

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
As always, you have seven days from…now….to write 100 words inspired by 311′s Beautiful Disaster. Please link up with Mr. Linky below and use the twitter, the book o face, or whatever you want to tell a friend or 50 about your entry.

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21 thoughts on “You’re my disaster

  1. Typo: here to use and throw away?
    PS, Let him go.

  2. I felt the anger, but I hope it’s temporary.

  3. I agree with edward, excellent method writing. also, a terrific interpretation of the song.

  4. allowing others to play with your emotions is not a good way to go down the path of life

  5. Very realistic indeed D 🙂

  6. L’amour qui détruit n’est plus amour et celui qui joue avec les sentiments n’est qu’une crapule.

  7. Sometimes it is easier to give in than to stand up.

  8. This was wonderful. I love the part about wrongfully apologizing to ease someone’s temper. I think we all can relate to that at some point.

  9. As much as I love how you can take me “there,” I’m sometimes nervous about the “there” that you’re taking me to – wonderfully done, as always!

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