My truth. My life.

Water the plants


My Love,

I am sorry I have to say goodbye this way.  It will be easier for us both.

For as long as I remember my only dream was to be your wife.  I wanted to make love to you every night and kiss you awake every morning.  You were my reason for living, for breathing.

By the time you read this, I will be on a plane.  Please don’t try to find me.  I have to do this alone.    The cancer has returned.  The Doctor said It wont be long now.  I will not put you through any more suffering.



P.S.  Please water the plants.


This was done for : Friday Fictioneers



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85 thoughts on “Water the plants

  1. This is strange…as I read the last line it was almost ‘sarcastic’ in its tense. That saying a realistic way of of portraying love and saying good-bye.

    • Thank you! When I went back to reread it after I wrote it, I agree that there was a sarcastic tone that last line. Maybe a bitterness that he got to go on without her.

  2. oof….great writing but punch in the gut stuff. well done.

  3. oh but it’s so sad… he doesn’t even get to have a say in the matter.. im pretty sure he’ll stick wit her til the end..
    well written goodbye note
    but i think, he’ll look for her 🙂

    i love the PS ^^

  4. Dear Deanna,

    I often have that argument with myself and understand what she did quite well. Sometimes it is best for all concerned to make a clean break and through it all, no one ever seems to take into consideration the needs of the dying partner.

    Well done.



    • Thank you. My dad had cancer. The doctor gave him six months to live almost 8 years ago. He passed this past March. I know that he hated what he thought he was putting us through. There’s no place else we would’ve rather been than by his side.

  5. Dear Deana,
    This is a stunning gut-wrencher.

  6. Oh, what a sad departure…

  7. Very sad but I wish he woul not let her go instead he should stay with her….

  8. *SOB* This one is so sad, but also very good.

    I hope he goes looking for her.

  9. Very sad. Mixed feelings about that last line, though got to admit it’s the kind of thing I’d do to ‘lighten’ up a piece. Nice work.

  10. C’est triste et c’est un gros coup que le mari a reçu en lisant le message.

  11. A beautiful little story! So touching and all, yet the last sentence just breaks the seriousness radically… which I love a lot!

  12. I love the last line. It’s like something he can keep of her.

  13. True love means watering the plants. I love how you blend the altruistic with the mundane. Nicely done.

  14. I had a friend that did something similar to this when she became terminal. It tore us all apart. Not just her husband. All of us. Good story my sweet.

  15. I love when you write tear-jerkers. Even if I don’t like all the tear-jerking that then ensues. Well done Deana!

  16. Excellent on so many levels.

  17. Oh God …. this is so painful !!!

  18. Beautiful, and sad. Mission accomplished, I suppose. 🙂

  19. JackieP on said:

    I can understand her wanting to do it that way. Great story. Sad, but could be so true.

  20. Awww that is so sad. Hope at least the plants live. That is mean. Every time a plant dies then he has to think about losing her again.

  21. It would be a hard decision to make! Thank you so much for reading.

  22. Sad, but well written. It must have been a very tough decision.

  23. A moving piece with a realistic p.s. Very effective.

  24. the title pulled me in. I wanted to know what watering the plants had to do with an airplane. nice piece and way to wrap it up with ending returning to title.

  25. Sad. Awe. He didn’t get to say goodbye. What if she doesn’t make it… Awe. You are so talented sweet friend! ~Jen

  26. if you dig into that, it was mean — she didn’t give him a chance to really love her.

    It made me think, and I liked the story – but she wasn’t noble.

  27. This is heartbreaking

  28. Awwww.. So sad she left like that. He deserved a goodbye or at least to have a say in her decision. Very well written letter. And the last line is a stark contrast and somewhat fits in very well with the letter.

  29. I know how I’d feel as the guy … absolutely helpless. I’d probably be putting those plants in my salad that night. Excellent story!!!

  30. Beautiful and poignant.

  31. That last line was the perfect P.S.

  32. This brought tears to my eyes. Powerful stuff.

  33. I find it so sad, she’s going it alone! Your last line, the P.S., weighs heavily on her state of mind, and maybe the state of their relationship. Also, that life goes on. Nice job!

  34. So much unselfish love. Well done.

  35. Whoa !! Seriously …. what just happened?
    great post, short and well – chosen words: did you intend it to be ambivalent ?

  36. i really liked the optimism of that line about the plants. it shows how she has accepted.

    these two lines: “The Doctor said, It wont be long now. The cancer has returned.” think about possibly reversing the order of these. for some reason, i feel like she should first mention the cancer returning and then that it won’t be long. also, you don’t need the comma after “said” because you’re not actually quoting the doctor.

    well done.

  37. You brought me tears with this, so well penned.

  38. So sad!! But I love the lightness of the last line (I read it un-sarcastically…). To me, that last line signifies the hope of life amid the promise of death.


  40. I have no idea how I missed this… this is heartbreakingly beautiful.

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