My truth. My life.


I am

Beautiful and Exquisite

Powerful and Strong

Blessed and Healthy


I will

Love you immensely

Protect you continuously

Give you my everything


I have

Busted through closed doors to get to you

Rushed to your side to stand up for you

Wrapped my self up completely in you


You are

Protective and Firm

Courageous and Caring

Handsome and Noble


You will

Cherish me entirely

Shelter me with love

Dedicate yourself to me


You have

Promised me the world

Given me every part of you

Encouraged me to achieve my dreams.


Together we shine


This was done for Velvet Verbosity



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18 thoughts on “Together

  1. “Together we shine”, oui, ensemble, nous brillons. Comme c’est beau et comme c’est touchant.

  2. Lovely. Well described relationship based in Love.

  3. I love your word choices here sweetie!! You are so right!! ~J

  4. The first stanza says it all, “Beautiful and Exquisite.”

  5. I am – pleased to be following your writing
    I will – continue to do so
    I have – pleasure in reading what your write
    You are – talented
    You will – go places
    You have – the ability to write beautifully
    Together or simply by yourself you will shine

  6. debseeman on said:

    Lucky lady. What a gift finding the right man.

  7. A modern day fairy tale. Nicely written.

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