My truth. My life.

Inside me


I am surrounded by a fear unlike any other.

My daydreams blend with my nightmares.

I search through door after door for

a passage to escape.

Only to be delivered back to the image in the mirror

that encompasses my battered soul.

Broken and beaten on the inside.

A secret hidden from the eyes of the world.

A blistered heart shattered to pieces

with every spoken word.


When you look at me…

I smile.


This was done for Visdare

A prompt using the picture above

150 words – or less. Post entry to your blog and “link in” using the link tool below.
No blog? Post your 150 words in the comments below.
(Please – no erotica or graphic violence.)
As always – thanks for participating!

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42 thoughts on “Inside me

  1. Very nice.
    Une petite participation.
    La lune rousse est tombée.
    Elle a terminée sa course dans le pays de la nuit…
    Le ciel s’est obscurci.
    Y’a plus que du noir au delà de la porte fenêtre…
    La terrasse, je l’ai vidée des plantes brûlées du froid.
    Y’a plus de tomatier,
    y’a plus de basilic,
    y’a plus de persil,
    j’ai rentré les géraniums pour les préserver des gelées…
    J’ai tiré les rideaux rouges oranges et jaunes.
    Je les ai tirés sur la nuit trop longue qui va débuter…
    Tu me manques Amour blanc…
    La lune rousse est effondrée.
    Elle me voit inclinée et bafouée.
    Elle pleure de ses larmes blanches que je voudrais lécher…

  2. This is so deep. It hits me deep inside my heart, my soul, because I know exactly what it feels like wearing that smile, that smile that is only there to fool everyone. the fake smile… I wrote a piece on it called, ‘Hidding Behind the Smile’ on Tryst!! I should link them up.. this is a beautiful, poetic way to say what I only wrote on Tryst. ~J

    • I read your hiding behind the smile. It had so much meaning to me. Thank you.

    • Oh shoooooot.. I’ve already linked you up to that! How funny.. I’m so spacey this week, been fallin apart so much, I forgot that you are already aware of that shit I wrote. Damn, Well, now I’m embarassed. Anyway, another great piece by you, and yea, I wear that kind of smile, so I feel these words. I’ll shut up now…

  3. Mind blowing pic! Nice write 🙂

  4. Excellent take on the prompt!!

  5. Your words do full justice to the poem. So well written.

  6. deep and well written

  7. “My daydreams blend with my nightmares.” Now that is frightening. Good interpretation of the prompt.

  8. I like your intensity. It really matches her picture.

  9. Makes me think of a picture of Dorian Gray.

  10. You know some days you are just meant to read what you’re meant to read. Thank you. Kim.

  11. Excellent D, and I may attempt this too.

    Only to be delivered back to the image in the mirror
    that encompasses my battered soul.

    My favourite lines.

  12. I love that the ‘you’ at the end could either be a different person, or her own reflection in the mirror, calming herself. Brilliant!

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  14. Beautiful and poignant, many of us know what it feels like to smile while your heart shatters… gorgeous take on the prompt picture!

  15. Wonderfully done! 🙂

  16. Great take on the prompt. As an avid lover of poetry, it always pleases me when someone gives a poetic spin on the prompt. Well-textured and reflective, gorgeously transparent. Hope to see more from you in the ViDare future!!!

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