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Sweet revenge

A hush descended over the room as her husband got up to check his messages.  Delaney has known for while now that Kyle had been carrying on relationship with his co-worker,  Anna.  Anna, herself was married with children, yet she still had a hold on him.

Delaney had confided in her family and friends for comfort and advice.  Even they were torn as to what the answer was.  Leaving would hurt everybody, yet staying would destroy her.

Confronting Kyle, did nothing to help.  He would get mad, blame her for snooping, and blame the “whore” for hitting on him.  The more times that this happened, Delaney got over being upset about the affair, and beyond pissed at the people involved.  She decided to focus her attention on getting even with Anna.  After all, Kyle is a man.  Men don’t always understand the stupidity of their ways.  Anna, on the other hand did understand.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

Delaney, with the help of her closest friends and some good advice her gram had engraved on her favorite candy dish , took some time to think about exactly how she wanted to handle this little “situation”.  She devised plan after plan.  She was just waiting for the perfect moment.

While she was plotting, she began to notice Anna reaching out to her friends.  It didn’t seem to matter that she had never met them.  She messaged them, commented their blogs and even followed them on the social media sites.  Delaney didn’t mind.  She had a little secret of her own.

The drive to the post office took a little longer than she had planned that day.  It could have been her nerves, it could have been traffic.  Regardless she had a package in her hands that was about to change Anna’s whole world.  The package contained proof. Proof that was being delivered directly to Anna’s husband.

Gram was right.  It was time to “Put myself first”.

This was done for: The Speakeasy


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48 thoughts on “Sweet revenge

  1. Sweet, sweet revenge…
    This is an idea that could ‘catch on’… haha… 🙂

  2. Ooohhh…more, more!

  3. Ooh good for her! That was sweet revenge. Great story (but awful when real).

  4. Loveing this!! Isn’t fiction fun to write!? You can be anyone, do anything, go anywhere.. be naughty & sinful, unrealistic becomes real.. fiction is fun! And.. this is really good D! I enjoy reading you.. ~J

  5. Oooh! What a revenge! Nicely done..

  6. so much dangerous potential here…keep going

  7. Love this piece Deana! Don’t get mad – get even. And I love your take on the prompts. Great job!

  8. getting even with Anna… I Love It! Gram was right, now Delaney needs to work up a little something for Kyle…

  9. Ha! I love Gram’s advice! Nice to see you at the Speakeasy 🙂

  10. Good for Delaney. 🙂 This reminds me of a real story involving a popular show business couple in the Philippines., The husband carried on a very public affair with an upcoming starlet. The wife baked a lovely cake and had it delivered to the young mistress with a warning that it is poisoned. I’m not sure though if the cake part is real or not.

  11. I just love reading all the different ways people handle that first line and photo. Well done.

  12. iasoupmama on said:

    Yikes! I don’t want to tick her off…

  13. Revenge can be sweet 🙂 I must say you do enter a lot challenges – I have trouble keeping up with Trifecta! Well done to you Deana 🙂

  14. I wouldn’t fool around with her husband. lol.

  15. I do like a good revenge story. Thank you.

  16. Revenge is sweet…

  17. I would love to read what happens next 🙂

  18. Ouch! I love the tone here. Even though Delaney is indecisive early on, she still seems like someone who would take action to defend herself. A tough thing to do, but so much less stressful (and sweeter) than indecision.

  19. I really don’t understand why spouses cheat either. The amount of energy that goes into the lies and deception must be exhausting.

  20. I nominated you for an award, details can be found here 🙂

  21. Damn! I can’t think of one single character I would want to be in this story – so well written!

  22. That’s the way to handle it. Great story.

  23. Great story, Deana. Can’t wait for more. Somehow I think, Delaney deserves better. 🙂

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