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He said… She said… Post 5


Welcome back to the weekly post that my wonderful husband and I go head to head on the issues.  He likes to say that he knows it all he doesn’t, I like to say that I know it all I do, so we meet in the middle. not really.


So here’s how this works…

You ask us questions.  Any questions.  I can be about love, relationships, sex , kids, life, death, and anything else.  Then, I will give you my answer (which will be correct) and Lance will give you his answer.  We are going to do 2 questions a week.  Email me your questions at or facebook me or direct message me on twitter.  We will give our original answers in the blog, then we need your participation.  I want to continue the discussion in the comment section.  Lance and I will respond to the comments as well as each other.



Question 1 is brought to us by Cynthia. You can find her here:   FacebookTwitterBlog  She is a terrific writer.  Go read her now..  Well after you finish this one.

1)  I’m married to a Missouri Hillbilly. We live in California. 4 of our grandchildren also live in California. We currently see 2 of them at least once a week and the other 2 about once a month. There are also one grandchild and one on the way in Atlanta. The Hillbilly thinks that when we retire we should move to Missouri because the cost of living is cheaper. My only problem with Missouri is that there are no grandchildren there. NO GRANDCHILDREN. This is a pretty big drawback to me. So, I guess my question is this. How should this decision be made? My feeling, of course, is that he should just do what I want. I fail to see how that’s unreasonable. What do you think?

Lance: Dear Mrs. Hillbilly, I don’t know if a Missouri hillbilly’s pimp hand is stronger than a Georgia hillbilly’s but I doubt it. You follow those grandkids. Find the hillbilly’s weaknesses and exploit them. I don’t plan on any grandbabies for a while but when they start coming I’m going to live within driving distance of them so I can have fishing buddies and people to give candy and money to. Godspeed, grandma.

Deana: oh my.  Maybe this blog is not such a good thing.  Lance and I actually agree again. (please don’t tell him.)  The way I see it is this.  God gave you grandkids for a reason.  Their purpose is to be spoiled by you.  It’s a way for you to get revenge on your kids.  I understand wanting to save money by moving somewhere cheaper.  But all of that money you are saving you will spend on traveling back and forth to the babies.  Surely he will let you stay where you are!


Question 2 is brought to you by  Wyman.  You can find him here:  Twitter, Facebook, Blog  This is one Awesome man!

2) Since the kids like to hang at your house, are you both the parents who are in the know? Like do y’all know stuff others dont?

Lance: My wife should work for the CIA or FBI. I think Al Quada would cease to exist in 2 weeks. She knows everything about everybody and usually solves their issues. Her phone buzzes nightly with people’s problems and like every good sitcom, they’re solved in 30 minutes. My kids would rather have red-hot pokers shoved into their eyes than have me involved in their personal businesses. My teenager despises me following her and her bff on the twitter. I think it’s sexist. Oh sure, Bobina can be in the know because she has boobies, too? Crap. This why I cheer mom errr, cheer dad. Those morning breakfasts I help host during the season, yeah  get to know stuff!

Seriously, my wife handles that. I just drive the car, write the checks, hand out cash and get reluctant hugs
Deana: I make it a point to know everything.  I listen to the kids around here, and they talk to me.  Why? Because I care.  My kids tell me nothing.  But their friends tell me all that I need to know.  I know things about other kids, their parents, and their neighbors.  I like it that way.  I do not like surprises.  So, What do you want to know about who?  I probably have the answer!
Let us know what you think…  Please send us questions for next week!



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12 thoughts on “He said… She said… Post 5

  1. Ha Ha! Keep your pimp hand strong! 🙂
    Some good and insightful stuff here.

  2. Wow. You really did use the question. Thanks. Sometimes it gets a little awkward but it’s certainly preferable to know at least some of what’s going on. We seemed to always have their friends around, but it has to be so much harder these days with instant communication capability. When Jenn was growing up all they had was land lines and a beeper. Can’t even imagine how hard it is now.

    • Of course I used it! It was a great question. It is hard to keep up with things now. My daughter and I have an iphone that has face time. When I call her I make her face time me so that I can see her and see where she is. I love it!

      • I told my parents everything! Dad can vouch for that. I’m pretty sure I told him more than he wanted to know most of the time, but they always said I could talk to them about anything. I believed them, and they meant it.
        We kind of grew up together that way…and that was even before pagers!
        Great question, Dad!
        Great answers, Bo and Lance!

      • Your dad rocks! I hope my kids feel that way about me when their older.

  3. I do enjoy these He Said, She Said posts. 🙂 Keep this up. The two of you are funny.

    I agree with both of you on the grandkids thing, especially the ‘revenge on the kids’ part. 😀
    As for you knowing everything, that comes with being a gal. And I am not being sexist. Should we say, we just know how to ‘listen’ and to elicit information without being too obvious, of course. 🙂

  4. Thanks to both of you! I will share your answer with The Hillbilly and just knock that silly idea out of his head. With a hammer if I have to.

  5. This is awesome LOL I love it 😀

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