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The view was beautiful, I had to admit.  It felt strange to be the only one’s at the canyon overlook on such a beautiful afternoon.  When Kevin suggested that we come here for a picnic, I was thrilled.  “How romantic.” I had told him.  I knew that he was ready to take that next step in our relationship and I was pretty sure that I was as well.

After we ate he moved in for a kiss and it was as if every nerve in my body had set on fire.  That was the day, I gave my heart away.


This was done for Julia’s Place: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#75

This week, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are one of those figures looking out over the Grand Canyon.


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14 thoughts on “Lookout

  1. Some lovely phrasing here!

  2. You total romantic, you… That was lovely. And, wouldn’t it be a wonderful setting for ‘popping’ the question… 😉

  3. SO good. Great setting, perfect moment.

  4. How lovely and romantic.

  5. Great place for a romantic thrill!

  6. Nice and very romantic. Alone on top of the world sorta speak, but I don’t think I could step out on that ledge. (fear of heights)

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