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Just us

If you know us, then you know we are just a typical family who lives happily ever after.

Wait! What?!?  That’s not us?  Then who?

Ohhhh, we are the family full of nuts that people on the outside feel sorry for as they slowly walk away.

This prompt is for : Mama Kat’s Mama’s Losin’ it.  She wants me to list 5 random fact’s about my family.  So sit back, relax and enjoy…

1)  We are a blended family.  By blended I mean that we are all different.

Taylor: 17 years old.  Red head.  Cheerleader.  High School sweetheart going on 2 years.  Lettered in Academics and Cheerleading.  Loves school.IMG_0912

Lyla: 9 years old.  Brunette. Tom boy. Karate.  Kinda likes school.  Good grade, but because it’s natural, she doesn’t really try.


Carly:  8 years old: Blonde.  Princess.  Hates school. No extra curricular stuff right now.  Does good in school because I make her.  Loves to eat.



2) We play poker.  All 5 of us.  Carly (the 8-year-old) beats all of us.  Every time.  We play with real money (pennies).



3) Lance and I have a “sorry dear, but I would leave you for…..” List.  We each have a few on our list.  When I first heard his list, I thought he was nuts.  He has really bad taste in women.  Oh, wait! Let me rephrase that.  He has really bad taste in celebrity women.  You can go here to see my list ~ My fantasy guys ~  My list rocks.



4) Before any of us are allowed to take a shower or a bath, we have to announce it to the family.  The family then needs to yell “PLEASE” very loud.  I am not sure why we do this or how it got started.  But we all love it.



5)  Thursday is “Whopin Day”. Yes, you heard me right.  Every Thursday everyone in this house gets a “Whopin”.  Even our furry children.  They kids love it.  We usually have to chase them down.  Then they get to do it to us. Note:  The 17-year-old is forced against her will to participate.  Another note: no one is harmed during this fun activity.   Yet another note:  I couldn’t find a a good picture for this.


Mama’s Losin’ It


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43 thoughts on “Just us

  1. I’m thinking the flies on your walls have a lot to talk about. And that you guys laugh a lot. nice.

    • Yes! I’m just glad that the flies in our house can’t talk. I am convinced however that one day our golden retriever is going to write a novel about us. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Those are soooo fun!!!! I want to hear his list!!!

  3. Those are great random things! Your family sounds so fun!

  4. I wouldn’t leave Bobina for any of these women but if she keeps baiting me in blog form, I might consider a weekend with them.

    Kate Winslet, Allison Robertson (guitarist for the Donnas), Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory), Jewel ( i like her teeth), and I can’t remember the other one so I’ll put Jennifer Lawrence back in the mix to make my wife crazy. She doesn’t like her.

    Lyla also plays the drums, Carly sings and dances, just not professionally.

  5. Great list! Our family is a bunch of Grinches compared to that list 🙂

  6. also, It’s Woopin’ Day with two o’s

  7. I love this!! It sounds like you have a lot of laughter! I’m smiling now. Though please forgive me, in his defense, Jewel is pretty. Loved your list though!! Gorgeous photos of your family!

  8. Your family sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. “Ohhhh, we are the family full of nuts that people on the outside feel sorry for as they slowly walk away.” I see you have met my extended family on my father’s side. You poor, poor thing.

  10. Fun-loving family. Your daughters look a lot like you. Beautiful 🙂

  11. :))))) Love this!!!!!

  12. I think you REALLY need to find a good picture for that!

  13. I want some of the drugs you take. They are the ultimate happy pills. I can understand your 17 year old feeling quite embarrassed. I’ll trade places with her. I live with two cranky old ladies. Trust me they both can use some whoppin’s.

  14. and do all the girls friends like to hang at your house better than their own?
    Just a guess.

  15. I’m totally charmed, and will immediately start looking for a family like yours…sorry that I’m not a celebrity!

  16. Whoa. Your eight year-old can beat you all at poker? My eight year-old…The Small One…has a mighty fine poker face, but that’s about it.

  17. Kudos to the 8 year old. 🙂 Heck! those young people can be very competitive.
    I think the Whoppin’ Thursday is something that will be ingrained in everybody’s – even the 17 year old’s whether she likes it or not – memory forever and ever. 🙂

  18. I’m smiling a big fat happy smile, Deana… That was a lot of fun..!
    “Please” – because you’ll smell better..!?! 😉

  19. Thank You for coming by my blog 🙂 I love the ‘whopin’ thing… I might start that in our house! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play poker… it never occured to me that we could play with the kids sometime too!

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