My truth. My life.

Claim me


Follow my lead.

Close your eyes and place your hand on my cheek.

Trace me slowly.

No slower.

Move your hand down to my neck.

Take a moment to breathe me in.

Nibble softly on the contour of my neck line.

Move to my shoulders, massaging them gently.

Make your way to my breast take them into you hands wrap your sweet lips around them.

Continue down my stomach until you reach my thighs.

Fulfill my every desire.

Claim me with your pleasure.







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30 thoughts on “Claim me

  1. My thoughts on the subject are I like your thoughts.

  2. Wow wee! Claim me with your pleasure. A perfect line to end a hot poem.

  3. I love it. Very hot and steamy.

  4. Sensual and exciting 🙂

  5. I like. Very hot and well written.

  6. wow! seriously very nice!

  7. Très simplement écrit mais fabuleusement sensuelle.

  8. Oh Deana, this invitation would be far too hot to handle…!
    Well, not for some; I’m sure… 😉
    BTW…. Only a very happy and secure woman can write like this…! 🙂

  9. Spring is in the air! Such a feminine poem, with such soft words written, and in that lovely ‘real’ style you have, without massive metaphors and other distractions. I like that very much. Also intimate too, which is very touching.

    • I really enjoy your complements! They are very encouraging. Lately I’ve been trying something different with my writing. I have just been closing my eyes and typing out the words that I see. I guess it just really depends on what the mood I’m in as to what kind of post ill put out. Thank you again!

  10. Hmm steamy and hot poem! I got wet with that ending ” Claim me with your pleasure” hehehehe 🙂

  11. Flaming hot, Deana. 🙂

  12. Would I be rude if I were to say that I really think this is your niche? I saw the material from your other site as well, and it’s really quite good! Erotic, without being juvenile.

  13. My style of writing – love this, erotica in a non smarmy way 🙂

  14. Fantastic post, very powerful. 🙂

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