My truth. My life.

Inner self



My mind is swimming as I sit down to write for you.

I want to write what my heart is feeling, but my head is fighting me.

“Stop, don’t tell him how you feel.”  “All you will do is bring him down.”

Why?  Why cant I share my feelings.  They are my feelings.  They do not belong to you.

So why does it matter what you think.  Will you judge me?  Will you stop loving me?

Why?  Are you better than me?  How do I control this internal crisis inside of me?  Who will win in the end?  Never me.


This was for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge

100-Word-Challenge-300x231This weeks word is :  Crisis

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38 thoughts on “Inner self

  1. Besides the fabulous 100 words, I love that photo!!!!

  2. I agree – great photo. I struggle with the same things.

  3. Hoo boy, that photo is cool, and also creepy!

    Nice little piece. 🙂

  4. That photo is super cool and the poem great.

  5. I know what this is like – it’s crazy when the heart and head tell us different things.

  6. yeah, the picture brings the excellent words to a different level.

  7. Always share. Always. Even if rejected, a tiny part will always be appreciated by your subject.

  8. This was a treat to read !!!

  9. Nicely done. Insane photo!

  10. Crazy photo! I can relate to the debate going on in her head…not there now, but I’ve been there before and it stinks 🙂

  11. Deana – it is a joy (and a heartbreak) to see the growth in your writing – each time you pull one of these memories into words you grow and your heart lightens.

  12. Deana, thanks for the nice comment on my blog, much appreciated. While the image on this post freaked my everlovin’ freak… once I got past that, I was pulled into your inner monologue, compleat with others’ opinions, about love that is destined to go wrong. And yes, drawing on the past, even when you have “a good thing going” now (like I do), is great. Helps purge the memories, cleans out the sad parts, you know? Peace, Amy

    • You are absolutely right! Sometimes it’s a way to purge those unwanted feelings. Even though those feelings don’t pertain to my life now. They are still buried deep inside of me. I really appreciate you stopping by to read my blog.

  13. Soulful – and enjoyed Deana.

  14. Hope in your current life the “never me” has changed to both of us. Good portrayal of inner conflict.

  15. Your words capture the photo capture the prompt . . . Great job!

  16. debseeman on said:

    Photo; awesomeness. Words; awesomeness. I get this. Unlike others, for me the sharing and then the rejection or dismissing is like little bits of me eroding away to the point where I don’t want to share to avoid the hurt and the feeling I’m slowly disappearing. Last two sentences, exactly how it is. Thanks for this Deana.

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