My truth. My life.

live for me


The extreme weather meant there would be no escape.

I needed to just disappear.

Although my love for you is strong,

 you have a way of breaking me down.

The storm brewing out side would embrace my soul

and ensure my refuge more than you have ever proved to.

There should have been no choice for me to make.

My love or the gusting disturbance outside?

The substantial amount of anger in your voice made that decision for me.

Saying goodbye to you was the hardest accomplishment in my existence.

Taking that huge step, allowed me to live for me.



This week it just has to be:

….the extreme weather meant…

You have 100 words to add to these 4. Please put a link back to here so that others can find us and join in.

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18 thoughts on “live for me

  1. This is a really powerful story, and I love the way you told it as a poem – it really adds to the emotion.

  2. Bad weather in the soul. 😦 Well done!

  3. Beautiful, as always. You have said so much here with so few carefully chosen words.
    I love it!

  4. Storms in the heart are worse than ugly weather. So true. Beautifully done. 🙂

  5. Great take on the prompt! I like how you made the storm more internal than external. Nice use of imagery, too!

  6. Beautifully done, Deana.

  7. Creative.. I like it lots!! ~ jen

  8. What an emotional post! You told the story beautifully within your limited amount of words. Well done!

  9. Ah, yes; I remember it well… 😉
    Very well written, Deana…
    All summed up in that powerful last line…..

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