My truth. My life.

Join me


One touch from you will encompass me in your passion.

I want to drown in your caress.

Embrace me.

Stroke me.

Taste me.

Our bodies must join together in unity.

I am crying out in agony over the eagerness

I feel to have your flesh rushing against mine.

Join me my love.



This was done for this weeks

Picture it & Write



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35 thoughts on “Join me

  1. ohhhh sensual and hot!

  2. I love reading passion and you have a gold star for this one. 🙂

  3. Wow! Nicely done!

  4. Love the line about the agony!

  5. Brilliant and sensuous – the anticipation of love.

  6. I like, Deana….
    I hope your husband is near…! 🙂
    All of that passion needs to be shared.. 😉

  7. I also like the line about the agony. It captures her expression hiding back there in the shadow.

  8. This was really the right way to go – that was a soft, soothing poem, just right for the senses. It is so hard to do, to get just right. I tried a poem – well 2, and could not. You made it so smooth, with no ripples. A pleasure to read. I really liked the rhythm..

    • Thanks my friend. I am so much better at poems than short stories. I am so glad you like it!

      • I think two things there, in my reply – the first is to write in the manner you enjoy, but the second is definitely to stray now and then, and experiment – you could have a post where one writes a poem and her ‘partner’ writes one back, or a short story with part as a poem…easy for me to say of course!

      • That’s why I have started a short story as well. I am trying to “think outside of the box” Great advice!

  9. Oh how lovely. Glad I stopped by and got my morning fix of romance.

  10. sensual writing! i particularly love this line : crying out in agony over the eagerness 🙂

  11. All I can say is, “damn, that was sizzlin’!”

  12. Passing by, I was intrigued by the lovely verse and the heady mix of emotions it releases.


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  14. What a passionate poem, Deana. Really well written, especially the ending lines. Great take on the prompt.

  15. Wow. Fantastic! I love the triple line of ‘Embrace me/Stroke me/Taste me’. So very sexy. Thanks for contributing this week with this tantalizing piece. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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