My truth. My life.


With one glance at me you will see the mask I wear

in the form of a smile.


You can’t tell that my heart is continuously

breaking inside of my chest.


I will continue to wear this mask so that

your world will be filled with joy and pleasure.


To you my pain will be soundless and non-existent.

To me, it will be excruciatingly loud and ever so present.


I will never understand why you enjoy bruising me

from the inside out.

It’s as if my afflictions  were your life support.


Somehow, I will survive.


A brilliant writer I just discovered wrote something similar I think you will like.

Think. Speak. Tryst

Let her know how great her writing is.


This is done for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 words

This weeks word is :  Soundless



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23 thoughts on “Somehow

  1. Can I just say, I love watching as your writing becomes edgier, more urgent. Really nicely done!

  2. as always, precise and perfect. really, so good.

  3. Such an awful feeling I think everyone has experienced at some point. To be honest, I really struggle with hiding, especially from certain people. I never thought I’d still be using masks at this point in my life, but I suppose recognizing it is half the battle (or at least part of it?). Well done 🙂

  4. I agree with t’s sentiments above. If you look through your archives, especially from when you started back in again, you can really see the progression. And I love that you can handle poetry. I suck at poems, and the good ones leave me agog.

  5. So much pain here, still that last line is empowering.

  6. when I hear of – or talk with – women who have suffered abuse at the hands of their “loved” ones I want to yell – RUN!!! This piece had me saying the same thing. In good time they – and your heroine – become SURVIVORS. Well done, Deana.

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  9. I relate to this very much.. This is beautiful! It reminds me of something I wrote.. ~ Jen

  10. Ouch ouch ouch. So painful. Which you meant it to be, of course. Always good when what we write conveys what we mean it to. 🙂

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