My truth. My life.

Impetuous Girl


My dear  impetuous girl,

Take the time to revamp your outlook

on the relationship you are trying to pillage from me.

You take refuge in his weakness and

believe him to be besotted in anguish.

You need to see that he has enchanted you with his lies.

He has expressed want in you as a suitor who is attainable.

I understand I may come across as a jealous bride,

however that is not accurate.

I have no interest in a restoration to our extinguished relationship.

I should even consider offering you a multitude of servitude for

honing in and showing me the deceitfulness of his ways.

But I wont.

I will spend my life waiting for the moment.

The moment to share your infidelities with the world.

For I will take enjoyment in watching your discomfort,

as you have reveled in mine.




 This was written for Jasmine’s Jetsam.

They give you a list of words and you can use them all or just a few.


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15 thoughts on “Impetuous Girl

  1. This can be so true in the world of relationships…!
    You have a wonderful knack for revealing human nature, Deana..

  2. jasmine calyx on said:

    Oh my goodness, your last three lines are chilling! I love the way you switch from addressing her as “dear” in the opening to preparing to slit her throat slowly at the end.

  3. Cold. As. Ice! Love it!

  4. very strong, the otehrs comments are spot on. you build the raw emotion into an act of revenge and defiance. awesome piece.

  5. Great poem and even harder using a list of words, not just one. Well done! Deceit, what a sad thing in a relationship.

  6. You wove in your list of words like a master. Beautiful.

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