My truth. My life.

Hard to move forward

I see you standing before me with your hand reaching out for mine.

I want to take it and run away into our future with you.

Then I see her face as you were embracing her.

If only I could forget the pain and doubt that you caused me.

If only my heart could heal and become whole again.

Then I hear her laughter mocking me as you tell her you need her.

I know you feel regret over your choices.

I feel you trying to repair us.

How can my heart move forward when my mind keeps going backwards?


This was done for Lance’s 100 word song.  This weeks song is : Tame Impala  “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

As always, you have one week from now to write 100 words inspired by Tame Impala’s Feel Like Only Go Backwards. Please tell a friend or fifty. Link your 100 to the Mr. Linky below then uses the Twitter, the Book o Face, and any other method of attention ho’in to tell people. I look forward yo your entries.


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11 thoughts on “Hard to move forward

  1. because if you’re intelligent, your mind is always stronger than your heart

    excellent emotion and writing

  2. The emotional impact of the situation played out well in the words you chose… nice writing Deana

  3. ahhh the eternal battle of head and heart! Nicely done

  4. Very good. Can’t think backwards though

  5. debseeman on said:

    Can’t unsee what you’ve seen. Perfectly written. Perfectly expressed. By the way, love the new look for your blog!

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