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Im going to do a different kind of post today. I have seen a few of my friends (Insomniac’s Dream) do this so I thought I would give it a try. I thought I could accomplish 2 things with it. 1) I would have fun doing it and 2) I can irritate my hubby.

I am going to list the 5 most sexiest guys in show biz (my opinion anyway) and tell you a little bit about them. Why? you ask.  Because I can.

Im going to start with #5 and work my way up to #1


Number 5:  Adam Levine 



There’s just something about those smothering eyes that make me really happy on the inside.  I love a man with tattoo’s.




Number 4: Channing Tatum



That smile and those dimples.  And I can’t leave out his arms……



Number 3: Johnny Depp


I love his bad boy image.  I bet he’s a real sweetheart when he needs to be.  His voice melts me.



Number 2:  Joey McIntyre


You really cant get much better than him.  His voice, His Eyes.  So much perfection in 1 person.



Number 1:  Ian Somerhalder


He is everything I liked about the other guys, all wrapped up in one.  He has a beauty like no other.  Besides my husband (I love you honey) Ian might be the best looking man I have ever seen.



Who are your favorites?  Do you agree with mine?



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27 thoughts on “My fantasy guys

  1. JackieP on said:

    you do know how to pick them! 🙂

  2. And somewhere, David Hasselhoff, realizing he is way past his prime, cries into his cheeseburger…

  3. I did this, too. A while back. Only I had WAY more than 5. Because I went all the back into my childhood crushes. Eek, was I a nerd.

    Yours? Hmmm, let’s see.

    5. Nope. Sorry. Most overrated dude out there.
    4. I stand corrected.
    3. I totally agree with … (*blush*) … He’s just so … (*giggle*) … Wait? What were talking about again? (*batting eyelashes*) … Oh, yeah! Well, Dave knows that if he ever comes calling, we’ve got big problems. (*more giggling*) Huge.
    2. He’s cute, but never been on my radar.
    1. Never heard of him. But you know what? He’s pretty damned cute. 🙂

  4. I’m more the ‘rugged’ man look like Hugh Jackman… Yum…! 😉

  5. I have to crash this party! Guys can have opinions too, right? Well I always do about this topic and it usually freaks guys out. I would put Brad Pitt, the Fight Club Variety, on that list. And Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. And a young Paul Newman. Just my 3 cents! Oh a couple of women, Scarlett Johansson and I adore Jo Beth Williams. 🙂

  6. I’m not too old to say yum yum yummy am I? 😉


  8. Adam’s on my list too…did you see SNL last week? humina, humina!!!

  9. I love Adam Levine and Johnny Depp!!! I don’t know how in the world I let your number one slip past my eyes. Ian……….. first time I have seen him, on your list. I have to say THANK YOU!!! lol.

  10. You have good taste! My list is 1. Channing 2. Johnny Depp 3. Channing 4. Johnny Depp 5. CHANNING !! OMG, that Channing… and Johnny will always be handsome as can be!! Yumchanningyouaresoeasyontheeyes!!! ~ J

  11. Not even fair to the rest of the men on this planet Channing… cause you… so delicious!! I mean… DE-LIC-IOUS!

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