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You smile to cover up your indiscretion.

You laugh to pretend that my tears do not exist.

You kiss me to convince me of your faithfulness.

You assure me that she is in the past without ever admitting your sin.

Not out of guilt, but our of fear of breaking your pride.

I smile to cover up my animosity.

I laugh so that you won’t see my intent.

I kiss you back pretending that I do not taste her desire for you.

If she still believes she is your future you are still unjust.

You have left us to decay.

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This was done for Lance’s 100 word song.

As always, you have seven days from now to write 100 words inspired by The Afghan Whigs, Debonair. Link it to Mr. Linky below, tell Leeroy and I, as well as twitter, Facebook, and all of your friends. Use the hashtag #100wordsong on the twitter. Have a great week


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10 thoughts on “Decay

  1. Wonderful and sad.

  2. Guilt not Quilt? Sorry had to ask. Love the lyrics. It would be a song I would cry to as I imagine the music would lend itself toward the melancholy distance your lyrics suggest. OR… I would scream it out at the top of my lungs, forcing the emotion from my throat in each and every raggedy drawn breathe. Letting the wild heavy metal rhythm in the beat surge through me.

    From me to you, Cookie

  3. jasmine calyx on said:

    Great piece. I love the way you mirrored the verbs from the first half to the second. Really nice formatting. I love this line: “I laugh so that you won’t see my intent.” I wonder what in the world she has planned for him … poison perhaps? It’s completely open, allowing the imagination to play.

  4. I held my breath the whole time I read it. Very intense and full of emotion. That last line knocks it out of the park!!

  5. Intense and very well written. The guilt of the unfaithful partner. Very poignant. 🙂

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