My truth. My life.

Passion Fire


Golden Dust colored bricks surround the fire burning brightly.

The smell of lemon lavender wafting from the candle’s

that are staged on the mantle.

Half empty plates and empty glasses of wine

shoved out of our way.

Shoes, shirts and enticing lingerie

thrown over the nearby settee.

Your lips begin where my lips end.

Your hands caress every inch of my lower back.

Your eyes devour me, consume me.

I feel myself melt into your sensuous perfection.

Our bodies combin in splendor as we tangle ourselves into

the blanket that started out beneath us.

Our love consumes us both.


This was done for #100words  @velvetverbosity

The word is :Dust


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26 thoughts on “Passion Fire

  1. D, you really do have a knack/talent/awesomeness for poetry.

    Your ability to convey what I’m going to call a schmorgashboard (spelled phonetically for reading pleasure!) of sensory stimuli is enviable and most impressive!

    Maybe I’m a pervert but this is one of my favorites so far 🙂

  2. glad you and your boyfriend are back on good terms.

    The way you layed out these words built emotion and heat. awesome.

  3. You certainly brought me there… Hope there’s a cold shower in the sequel. 😉

  4. Great sensual imagery. Really like it. Have you thought about the “ing”s? “Caressing,” “devouring,” and “consuming” might be even more powerful without. Just my 2, even you don’t mind.

  5. Wow … it was really full of passion … lovely !!!

  6. candles, fire…ha, that’s not where the heat came from. sounded fun to me.

  7. *fans myself* indeed.

  8. Whew… I’d like to create a little of that for myself. I know I’ve got candles around here somewhere – and wine –. Sensuous perfection consumed by love… wonderful!

  9. Well that just sizzled! I like the way you brought in different senses by the way, the touch, view, aroma..

  10. Very sensual! This could be made stronger, I think, by not changing tenses when you get toward the end. Example, “I feel myself melt” instead of, “I could feel myself melt”. 😀

  11. Bada-freaking-bing, Bo! Damn, girl! You know how to heat up the page! Passionate, sensual, steamy, and spectacular!

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