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Running scared




When I tell you that nobody has ever cared about me, I really mean that nobody has ever cared about me, except my sister.


For a long time now I have been in the system.  They say that the system is designed to help kids that need mom’s and dad’s.  I think the system is designed to

help pad the pockets of people who want to get paid for doing nothing.


I was 9 when my parents died in a car wreck.  My sister was 7.  We had so much love in our little family, but we never had anyone but us.  No aunts, No

uncles, No grandparents.  It was just us.  My sister Carol has a hard time with everything.  She cried a lot.  I made a vow, the day the social worker took us out

of our home, that I would protect her.  I didn’t know how yet, but she was my responsibility now.


About a week after being dragged out of our home, we were told they found someone who would be willing to take us both.  Apparently, not many people

wanted to take in 2 girls.  We got dressed, brushed our hair and our teeth and started on our way.  We were told to hush, be nice and to not do anything to

ruin this.  If we did, we would have to go to separate homes.


We put on our best scared smiles as we entered the house.  It smelled so bad that I almost vomited the cold oatmeal I had for breakfast this morning.  I

glanced over at Carol and I saw her eyes filling up with tears.  I knew this was our only hope to stay together so I grabbed her hand with a squeeze and

introduced myself to our new “mom”.  She looked past us and told us to go out back with the other kids and stay until time for lunch.


I was shocked at what I saw when I got outside.  A blonde girl about my age was holding a candy cigarette in her hands, pretending to be smoking.  An older

boy had gotten 2 large sticks and was trying to use them as stilts.  What was happening here? Did nobody care what these kids were doing?  I looked at Carol

and tried to explain to her that as long as we were together, we could make it through everything.  I don’t think she believed me but she smiled and hugged

me anyway.


I heard the back door open and Mrs. Louise, our new “mom”  came storming outside.  “okay every one, listen up.  We got 2 new brats in today.  Why don’t we

make them feel at home.  Today and tomorrow they will be doing all the work around her so that they can learn the way we do things.  Everyone else go play

in the shed, so I don’t have to hear you anymore today.”  I felt Carol crying again as I held her tight.  “Mom” looked at me and told me to go get her whiskey

out of the cabinet and pour her some.  She grabbed Carol and started pulling her into the living room.  I heard her say “You look like you could give a good

foot rub.”

I knew we needed to get out of there soon, I just didn’t know how.




This was done for Picture it & Write.


Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing exercise.  We invite you to join in by continuing the story or starting your own based on inspiration from the image.  Poetry and foreign languages are welcome (please provide a translation).  This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.


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28 thoughts on “Running scared

  1. That’s really disturbing.
    And very well written!

  2. I agree with Guap; in both directions.

  3. This made me numb … well expressed !!!

  4. gritty, dark, bleak…you channeled me, here.

    very good narrative, one of your strongest pieces ever.

  5. OMG, I was uncomfortable throughout. To undergo that tragedy so soon after the first… terrible.

  6. My! What horrible people!

  7. So bleak and desperate. I agree with Lance, by far one of your best efforts to date!

  8. That was almost too sad to read-almost unbearable- but so well-crafted. You really did a fine job, and always give just enough information,but not too much. Very sad prompt, and really, don’t know if I could read it again..though I want to. Maybe when it is sunny or something…

  9. Pretty intense story. It’s hard to click on a “like” button with something like this. Well done, but depressing!

  10. what horrible people.! i hate them.. but i do love your writing.. all the stories i’ve read so far, including mine, are all pretty sad.. sigh. it’s the photo. i hope someone writes a happy story bout it

  11. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. I like the candy cigarette. I did some reading about those. I was shocked to see how realistic they look!

  12. That was horribly sad… well written, but so sad and horrible.

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