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He said…She Said…


Anyone who knows me knows that I never back down from a good discussion.  I may be right.  I may be wrong.  But that doesnt matter, because I am going to argue the heck out of what ever I believe to be true.

My hubby is the same way.  The only problem with that is that we are usually on the opposite sides of things.  I mean, we agree on raising kids and loving each other and things like that. But with other issues we like to “discuss” them until we are blue in the face.

Would you believe that we have run out of things to “discuss”?  If you do, I have some land I want to sell you.  If you don’t, you’re right.  We have just gotten crazy enough to invite you into our discussions.

That’s right… We are going to work together on a weekly prompt.  THIS IS NOT AN ADVICE COLUMN, but if you need advice, we will gladly give it.  This is a question and answer sort of thing.  We are going to take 2 of your questions each week and answer them.  They can be serious questions about your life, relationship or whatever you come up with.  You can stay anonymous or have us post who you are.  After we choose the questions we are going to tell you our opinions.  I will write mine, and he will write his.  (We promise not to discuss it first)  This way you can get an opinion from a woman who knows everything and a man who wishes that he did.  Then everyone else can chime in through the comment section.

It will only post on my blog but we are both in charge of this!  We are both looking forward to this, so please help make this into something big!

Send your questions in so we can get started.  My email is  and remember to let us know if you want credit for the question.

We want our first post on this to go up  this Wednesday (1/9/13) morning!


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20 thoughts on “He said…She Said…

  1. What a fun idea!!!

  2. This should be lots of fun, can’t wait to see what happens.

  3. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve….I can’t wait.

  4. Can’t wait to see how horribly, hilariously wrong this goes!
    What will you do if you end up agreeing on something?

  5. How very exciting! Can’t wait to laugh, I meant read everyone’s view points. This will be so funny, I mean great! hehehe

    From me to you, Cookie

  6. Fun, fun, fun. Y’all are going to rock this!

  7. Sounds like Carville and Matalin better watch out. Ever read “All’s Fair” by them?

  8. Sounds like a cute idea…Offhand at the moment can’t think of a question..but I’ll keep it in mind for later on…Diane

  9. For the sake of your marriage, I’m assuming they’ll be no “Clash related” questions allowed?

  10. This is like a reality TV show via blog. I need to think of a question. Great idea.

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