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Winter Fun

Taylor and Lance

Taylor and Lance

Sitting on the front porch watching my babies frolic in the snow.

Smiles and giggles filling the air with amusement.

Three girls, Redhead, blonde, and brunette.

Beautiful beyond words.

Hats, gloves, and scarves

covering them whole.

Snow Angels made in three different sizes.

Snowman built out of love and laughter.

Cold noses, fingers and toes

gather inside by the fire.

Hot Chocolate and roasted marshmallows

warm them on the inside.

Hugs and blankets warm them from the outside.

Puppy dog and kitty cats running through

wondering what the excitement is about.

Enjoying each other makes for a very good day.

Carly and Buddy

Carly and Buddy


This was done for 2 different prompts.  Velvet Verbosity #100words and Theme Thursday


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30 thoughts on “Winter Fun

  1. Wonderful image!

  2. jennsomethingclever on said:

    Aw, that almost makes me not hate winter. Almost. Very cute.

  3. 😊 Good times had by all I’m sure. Y’all look so happy!

  4. Looks like fun!! *goes back in house with warm beverage*
    Stopping by from Theme Thursday

  5. very nice! The pictures were the perfect touch! I am so ready for a day like that here in the ATL –

  6. Now I want to go play in the snow…

  7. Ahh Snow Angels.. brings back memories when I enjoyed the snow as a child…Diane

  8. Sitting here in my Aussie home with the sun bearing down at 37.5 degrees Celsius / 99.5 Fahrenheit, it is hard to imagine ‘snow’…!
    Great pics, Diane…!
    A redhead, blond and brunette; plus a good lookin’ man by your side. I’d say that makes for a pretty good 2013..! 🙂

  9. This is beautiful !!!

  10. What a beautiful spin on Winter! Winter needed it!!

  11. I want to live where caroline lives.

    That snow was fun for 1 day, tops.

  12. I think it’s cool that each of your girls have a different hair color… so very intriguing.

  13. I like it! I could see the image clearly. I like that a lot.

  14. such a nice look into your world. thank you.

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