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Very superstitious…


Today is the first day of the year 2013.  Unless you are in Australia, Fiji, or other various countries that are on the other side of the world (if you are, just think back to yesterday). Anyway, I digress.

When I woke up this morning it was raining.  (FYI:  I got to sleep in until 9:15am!)  I thought to myself “Self, Why is is raining on New Years day?  Is that a bad sign?”  I asked Lance (my hubby) “Sweetie, What does is mean if it rains on New Year’s day?”  he replied “It means that its wet”.  (Typical)  I then started thinking about superstitions.  Things we do for Luck, and/or to avoid bad luck.  This is what I came up with.


1) Why do we celebrate New Year Eve?  If you think about, most countries celebrate The new year.  It may be on a different day, but they are celebrating their New Year.  According to superstition, evil spirits and the Devil himself despise loud noise. We celebrate by screaming/yelling, fireworks, gathering in large crowds and enjoying ourselves.  This is done to scare off any negatives of the year before. (Church bells are rung on a couple’s wedding day for the same reason.)

Note: I wasn’t loud, but i did watch it on tv.  Oh yeah, the kids across the street with the fireworks scared off enough demons for all of us.

Best kiss ever!

Best kiss ever!

2) Why do we kiss at midnight?   The  purpose of kissing someone at midnight is to bring good luck to the  relationship for the next year.  If you do not kiss the one you love at  midnight, superstition says your upcoming year will lack affection.  If you do not have that kiss, you will have  year of coldness.

Note:  Good thing Lance was in a puckering mood! (wink, wink)


3) Who should be allowed into your home first, after the clock strikes midnight? This belief is called “first- footing” it means that the first person to enter the home  after midnight will determine the type of year the home owners are going to  have.  If the first person to enter the door is “Tall, Dark and handome”  you will have good luck.  (Any volunteer’s?)  A blond or redhead will  bring bad luck and a female entering first spells disaster.  An additional  rule warns that the first person should not be cross-eyed or have a  unibrow.

Note:  Really?!?  It not like I have these kinda men just laying around.  I mean, Lance can you go out and come back in?


4)  Should I work on New Year’s day? There are many different beliefs about work.  On the one hand, it is lucky  to accomplish something on New Year’s Day, to set the  stage for the rest of the year.  On the other hand, doing to much work on the  first of the year is unlucky.  Washing, including dishes or clothes, could  lead to the death of a family member in the new year. Even Garbage must stay inside the house until the 2nd day.  Thetheory is if you sweep, you sweep your luck out the door.  If you wash something your washing that person away.

Note: I had 5 deaths in my family in 2012.  I will be sitting my lazy bum on the couch all day.


5)  What does the weather on New Years day mean? 

A windless New Year’s day indicates a dry summer;

A decent breeze foretells a good summer rain fall;

Floods will occur if the first day of the year is violently windy.

If the wind blows from the south, there will be fine weather and prosperous times in the year ahead.

If it comes from the north, it will be a year of bad weather.

The wind blowing from the east brings famine and calamities.

Strangest of all, if the wind blows from the west, see the death of a very important person.

If there’s no wind at all, a joyful and prosperous year may be expected by all.

Note: I cant find anything about rain.


6)  What do I need to eat on New Years? 

Cooked greens, including cabbage, collards, kale, and chard, are consumed at New Year’s in different countries for this reason — their green leaves look like folded money, and are thus symbolic having lots of money.  It’s widely believed that the more greens one eats the larger one’s fortune next year.  Legumes including beans, peas and Lentils are also symbolic of money.  They resemble a coin.

The custom of eating pork on New Year’s is based on the idea that pigs symbolize
progress. Also, thanks to its rich fat content, it signifies wealth and prosperity.

In addition to the lucky foods, there are also a few to avoid. Lobster, for instance, is a bad idea because they move backwards and could therefore lead to setbacks. Chicken is also discouraged because the bird scratches backwards, which could cause regret or dwelling on the past. Another theory warns against eating anything with wings because good luck could fly away.

That about sums it up: Today on this first day of 2013, I am going to be lazy, and eat alot!  Im liking it so far…






I got most of my info from these to sights.


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16 thoughts on “Very superstitious…

  1. “It’s wet”…. man that Lance is a smart dude!

    Fun post – I learned stuff here, so I guess my work for today is done!

  2. What does it mean if someone does that much research about new years on new years?
    And why haven’t you posted a hangover cure???

    I slept til 11, but didn’t get home til 4, so it’s not really sleeping late.

    Sitting on the couch more sounds like a great plan for the new year, especially if Puckering Lance is with you!

  3. Well I need to bring the gargage back in and stop the drier. Shoot.. Good to know. Thanks folks.

  4. I’m going to say that rain symbolizes growth and nourishment, and you’ll need an umbrella. Happy New Year!

  5. Have a great 2013 🙂

  6. I love superstitions… I have a big bunch of greens in the refrigerator that I will be sure to cook tonight. Who will be the first to enter the house? Like you I sent my tall, dark and handsome significant other outside – so he was the first to enter. And it’s a beautiful, sunny day here w/no wind. I hope that covers it. Happy New Year to you – enjoy that couch.

  7. Quite a lot of superstitions…I think I’ll break a lot of them today..Diane

  8. Thanks for all the brain candy!

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