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Remembering that love

Happy 2013 everyone.  Lance has asked me to guest post for 100 word song tonight and Leeroy graciously agreed.  He’s working really hard to get Helene ready for publishing this month, so I am excited to help out.  I chose this song for a few reasons.  1) I thought it was appropriate for new years. 2) It fit with the poem I had already written out in my head.  I hope you enjoy this weeks 100 word song.

Deep, honest blue eyes

that could hold my attention for hours.

Strong, firm hands

whose caress left a permanent impression on my body.

A voice

that filled my heart with sheer excitement.

The effect you had on my overall being

sent me to places that I never wanted to leave.

When I lost you, I lost my soul.

A mutual decision to end our connection

has me second guessing my every choice.

Although, moving on has given me love and healing,

I will never again experience the aphrodisiac that you stir up inside of me.

Your memories will always remain.


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The song is Same old lang syne by Dan Fogelberg:


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6 thoughts on “Remembering that love

  1. The piece is a perfect accompaniment for the song!

  2. I had a huge crush on Dan Fogelberg when I was in high school. Great song, and lovely 100 words.

  3. Thank you for choosing this song for the prompt. It is one of my all-time favorites. A lovely, bittersweet poem to go with it!

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