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My resolution for you



I really hate making New Year resolutions.  I havent made them in many years.

Earlier today I started thinking about how much 2012 has sucked in so many ways.  So I am going to make a few resolutions to help 2013 turn out a little better.

However, I truly feel as though the majority of the problems I have dealt with in 2012 have been the direct result of someone other than me.  Because of this, the resolutions I am making are not for me, they are for everyone else.

1) To my mom:  I realize that you are busy now and have a lot going on, but you really need to make for time for me.  I hardly ever see you anymore and I miss you.  I feel as though I am the one doing all of the phone calls to you.  Would it kill you to pick up the phone and invite me to visit?  I am your first-born child.  I am important.

2) To my husband:  If I want to interrupt your writing to talk to you, get over it.  The more you act a fool about it, the more I will do it for fun.  You can sigh, give me that “yes dear, why the @#%^  are you talking to me” look all you want.  I think that look is sexy.  I am going to continue to bother you so that I can see it.

3) To my oldest daughter (16 years old) :  Get over yourself.  Nothing you have going on in your life is so bad that it should cause you to roll your eyes at me for waking up in the morning.  I am your mother.  If I want to hug you, kiss you , or even tell you I love you, I will.  You will never be able to stop me.  I am also tired of hearing “ugh, mom”  or “yes, mom” in a strained voice.  If I ask you a question it’s because I care about you.  The first time (many years from now) your child does one of these things to you, I am going to laugh.  I am going to laugh and NEVER stop.

4) To my youngest 2 daughters (age 8 & 9): When I say to you “Go clean your room”  you should think to yourself “I am going to go clean my room”. It is not an option.  Do not go upstairs and play.  Do not throw all of your clean folded clothes in your closet or stuff it under your bed.  When I tell you to “go take a bath” do not try to explain to me that you are not dirty.  The mud in your hair and under your fingernails are telling me a different story.  Just stop.  Listen to me and do what I say.

5) To the rest of my family:  It’s quite easy.  STAY HEALTHY!

6) To my friends:  Lets make a point to get together more.  I love you guys and you make me happy.

If everyone would please just take a little time to make my life easier, 2013 will be great!

Note: HaHa!  I love you guys…….

I really wish everyone a terrific, happy, healthy new year!  Party like it’s 2013!

This is done for Theme Thursday:  Something Clever 2.0


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25 thoughts on “My resolution for you

  1. Great list! I think my husband could have written #2 as well!

  2. I just love that you’ve made everyone else make a resolution but you. Perfect. Though I admit the look of why the $%^& are you bothering me, is one well known by my other half as well. We are what we are. Happy New Year. Finding you guys has been one of the good things of 2012.

  3. This is genius. Goes back to the old saying “if mom is happy, everyone is happy.” Therefore, if everyone does their part, everyone will benefit.

  4. Egad! I hope they take their resolutions as a gesture of love!
    (But arm yourself with a jello filled squirt gun just in case.)

  5. Best New Year’s Resolution post ever!

    I’m going to send your #5 to everyone in my family immediately. Hopefully they will comply.

  6. Love that, and I can totally relate…!
    May everyone realise that ‘happiness’ is about doing exactly as I deem necessary and real…. 😉
    What a wonderful world…!
    Ha ha; hope the kids (at least) ‘wash’ in the year 2013… 😉

  7. I love this, bo. Let people know what you expect, and you just might make it happen. They are at least forewarned! By the way I love your new blog design. Great hue of green! Happy New Year to you!

  8. That’s very innovative…now if they would all just cooperate…lol Happy New Year…Diane

  9. A-to-the-Men! Can I borrow this for my own peeps?

  10. Great 🙂 happy New Year – have a wonderful journey on to 2014 through 2013.

  11. I’m writing. Leave me alone. jello squirt guns sound good to me.

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