My truth. My life.



If you were to gaze into my blue eyes

you would find a melted heart.

I have been dragged in my bare skin

through many darknesses.

With every breath I inhale

I find myself suffocating deeper into this prisoned existence.

I will continue to share my pale cracked smile

with the world to convey a pseudo untethered presence.



This is a challenge that I just ran across:  I enjoyed doing this!  It is Jasmine’s Jetsam.



No promises on what the future may bring, but here’s a word list for you to play with:

dial melted blue retro bare dragged suffocating gang hesitate lizards tarred patches cracked pale pseudo project prison scars conscience pool

From one of the YA books I picked up from the library the other day, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I haven’t read any of it yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good.

P.S. If you don’t know the drill, write a poem using one, some, or all of the words above, linking back to it down below. Modify the words however you like.


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16 thoughts on “caged

  1. good title, strong structure and you really stretched yourself into new places. Teh word list make you do some different things. I love how you grew here, bo

  2. Interesting that inhaling brings only further suffocation. Twisty, I liked it.

  3. I love the cracked smile 🙂 We all do that, I think.

  4. jasmine calyx on said:

    Your first four lines and your last four words are my favorites. I’m so pleased you joined in. Great to have you.

  5. Wonderfully written. The words they just blend into one another.

  6. I was also drawn into the prisoned existence of this word list, excellent write, Well Done !!

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