My truth. My life.

Dancing in the leaves


Butterfly’s in sky matching the fluttering of the ones in my stomach.

Today is the day that I become one with my future.

Saying “I do” does not sound like enough.

I should say “I will”  “I Can”  “I want to”.

Surrounded by nature we will unite.

Then we will kiss breathlessly and dance in the wind.

We will begin our life together by remembering our youth together.

Every now and then giving into our childish tendencies and throwing ourselves into the fallen leaves.


Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing exercise.  We invite you to join in by continuing the story or starting your own based on inspiration from the image.  Poetry and foreign languages are welcome (please provide a translation).  This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

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12 thoughts on “Dancing in the leaves

  1. I thought for a second you saw a dancer like I did. But I still like what you’ve come up with. Well done!

  2. That is so beautiful…Diane

  3. very beautiful images your words brought to my mind ^^

  4. Beautifully expressed. the painting comes alive with these words.

  5. I really like this because you found hope in the picture instead of despair!

  6. Sweet! Falling into a pile of leaves. That’s adorable.

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