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Dad wasn’t known for being original.  Mom would always buy our present’s and decorate.

Although she made sure we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted, my dad had to do something on his own.

Every Christmas he would take two bricks, place money between them and wrap it.  It’s a terrific tradition memory.


Ketchup With Us

This was done for Ketchup with us!

In 57 words or less, tell about one of your family’s holiday traditions.
(NOTE: I didn’t say you had to LIKE the tradition.)

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14 thoughts on “Tradition’s

  1. I can not tell you how much I love this. My hubby does the same thing with Ry, minus the bricks. He always makes sure he gets her his “own” gifts. It’s a very special tradition. I didn’t understand it at first because I would go get everything we discussed, but it’s a daddy thing. What a very special memory. Hope you and lance continue it. Your daddy would be very proud. xo

    • Thank you! Lance was just saying he needed to go get the girls something else and I was saying no because I had bought everything. I guess my dad was telling me something with this memory! I hope he is proud.

  2. Sounds like one cherished memory and tradition.

  3. Chris always gets the kids some gifts from him, too. Last year when he bought Mags play makeup, I made him have to play makeup with her.

    Loved yours!

  4. Oh, Bo, that is brilliant! What a cool idea!
    Daddies have got to do their own thing, too.
    Sending peace, love, and light to all of you this holiday,

  5. That is funny, and a wonderful tradition.

  6. I LOVE the bricks. Your dad sounds a lot like my father-in-law. He used to hide money in books, emptied-and-reglued walnut shells, etc. Makes it a lot of fun.

    Thanks for linking up. And Meeeeeeery Christmas!

  7. I’m a little ‘slow’….so he gave you the bricks and the money inside? That is so inventive….Diane

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