My truth. My life.

Worth it


Take me back_

to the moment when your eyes devoured me with every glance.

Help me remember_

when your salty kiss would make my insides quake.

Persuade me_

to throughly give myself over to you for one last time.

Make it_

worth looking past the affliction you have cause my heart

Tell me_

that you are devoted to me because of love and not guilt.

Allow me_

to despise you almost as much as I love you.

Prove to me _

That I am the only one you are giving yourself to.

It will help me_

heal and move past your indiscretions.

Know that_

I think we are worth it.


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9 thoughts on “Worth it

  1. your boyfriend is going to love this.

    I like the line breaks and how you did the last 4 mines.

  2. or lines

  3. Bravo. Great writing here.

  4. Very powerful. I like how you did this point by point.

  5. So very raw. Amazing.

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