My truth. My life.

One more breath


What price would you pay for one more minute?

What would you give up to hear “I love you.” “You make me proud.” just one more time?

How many times do you wish you could go back to right before his last breath and tell him once more that you need him?

If I had that extra minute I would say:

Your love amazed me.  I’m sorry for every argument I caused.  I hope you know that you have always been the best dad and Poppy that we could have asked for.

Then I would pray for another few minutes.


This is done for Velvet Verbosity #100words.  The word is BREATH


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15 thoughts on “One more breath

  1. I don’t think you need to apologize. He knew how much you loved him. I saw it when he some of his last breaths.

  2. Another thing we unfortunately have in common. I lost mine in August. I wrote a lot about it during and after, it helped. This one was pretty close to what you’re feeling

    we will miss them always and love them forever.

  3. Lucky you and Taylor. To have a dad and a poppy you both adored (which is easy to see from the photo) must warm your hearts…. Not having had such a relationship I can admire this, and enjoy your heart felt post.
    I do hasten to add though, I have this with my own and I treasure every moment….!

  4. Perfect words. Though everything fades away, memories never. And it is these memories that end up making us strong.

  5. I love the love in this post. I only hope that I inspire similar feelings in my three sons.

  6. Yours and mine are off celebrating – for the first year – somewhere we’re not. And I’m sure they would want us to celebrate as well, even if we’ll never receive those few minutes…

  7. My thoughts are with you and your family during the holidays.

  8. Holidays are hard times to bear losses. I’m sorry for yours.

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