My truth. My life.

As one


A Non-Fiction Post for Trifecta:



With our overwhelming passion, sparks ignite from a single touch.

I am sandwiched in between his unadulterated love and his raging lust.

A single kiss causes our willing bodies to merge as one.

This weekend we are giving you three variations on a prompt.  We need you to
give us 33 words back, and 2 of those words must be either “cheap flights,”
“sandwiched in” or “spectacularly clean.”  This weekend, your piece must also
be non-fiction (poetry or prose).  And yes, we reserve the right to call
your mothers and former lovers to ask for verification on your

This weekend’s challenge, being a Trifextra evenly divisible by
three, will be judged by the community.  Please be sure to come back and click
on your favorite three posts (or up to three posts).


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37 thoughts on “As one

  1. jasmine calyx on said:

    Whew. That was pretty hot. Congratulations on it being nonfiction. 😉

  2. *Sizzle* very hot.

  3. and it was so chilly in here a minute ago….

  4. Ooooh, sizzle, sizzle…. (You win… hahahhh..) 🙂

  5. Draug419 on said:

    This weekend seems to be bringing out a lot of passionate responses! Great job!

  6. Wonderful take on the prompt.

  7. *blushing*

  8. Aha … that’s a lovely course of action 😉

  9. Nice use of the prompt!

  10. Whoa! That’s very steamy. Excellent work with this prompt. You took it in a completely different direction!

  11. Phew! I am absolutely certain this is nonfiction, having read many of your other posts, and Lance’s too. 🙂

  12. Hmm. Interesting place to be sandwiched in.

  13. WOW! That was extremely passionate and intense in 33 words. Great work!

  14. Well done! I love the way you used the phrase.

  15. We are told to write what we know.. and you heated us up with what you know and love… nice. Great use of sandwiched in.

  16. trifectawriting on said:

    Ha! I love the “congrats on it being non-fiction!” Amen. Thanks for linking up!

  17. Wow, nice non-fiction! 🙂

  18. Okay, so, since Lance is sort of like my older brother… I have to be honest… and say “EEWWWW!!! Mom!!! They’re doing it again!!!”

    But on the flip side, beautiful writing. Really beautiful. 😉

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