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Sitting here on the couch for her appointment, Delaynce felt more nervous than the weeks before.  She had spent the last few sessions talking about her husband, Tom’s, affair with Christine, his co-worker.

Even though Tom had assured her that there was no affair and that Christine wasnt someone he would even consider being with, she had enough proof to know that he was lying.

This session was different.  She had done something the night before that she regretted with her whole being.  One drink led to two. Two drinks led to waking up in bed with an old friend.


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20 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Oh snap! It’s always the booze, isn’t it. Strong prose and very relatable people. great 100. Leeroy will love you.

  2. Such a delicious emotion for a writer, regret. Hopefully we can keep it confined to our fiction, amirite? Very nice, D, thanks for sharing!

  3. what?? it was an old friend. how bad could things get? sweet.

  4. oooh. those drinks can be dangerous.

  5. Regrets all around.

    (It also depends on whose old friend is was… hers or the Mister’s.)

  6. How awful. With alcohol, it probably seemed like reasonable revenge after what he did to her. Too bad alcohol’s effects wear off but the act doesn’t go away.

  7. A case of All’s fair, or of tit for tat?

  8. Ooooh, ouch… not good, and yet it happens…….!
    Lost her advantage, I’d say…!
    Well written piece…! 🙂

  9. Oh, that’s a kick. Assumptions leading to belief leading to choice. The sad part is even if he was having an affair, it doesn’t really justify her actions. It just makes her as bad. She should have divorced his ass and THEN gone off and had some fun 🙂

  10. Ah! A common tale. I swear, half the time infidelity is the result of a perceived slight rather than an actual one, and you’ve got me guessing which it is.

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